Pokemon Go starts mega event with new mega today

Inpokémon Go runs the event “A Mega minute” and brings the brand-new mega kangama worldwide.

What sort of event is that? In Pokémon Go, the changes to the Mega-Pokémon and also Mega developments are currently energetic worldwide. The developers commemorate this with an event that releases the new Mega Kangama.

There are also transformed spawns, incentives for field research study as well as a WP increase for megas. In the overview we show you all the information.

mega event in April-start, end, content

  • BisaSam *.
  • Glumanda *.
  • Schiggy *.
  • Flegmon *.
  • Nebulak *.
  • Voltilamm *.
  • Haspiror *.
  • Shne.

Exactly how do you like the event? Are you anticipating the RAID day with Mega-Kangama or are these special advancements not so essential to you after the upgrade as well as you like to play other content?

Field research study: During the event there will be special area research for you that reward you with mega power. Kangama’s mega energy just gets from Raids against Mega-Kangama.

What has changed? In Pokémon Go, the brand-new mega developments are real-time.

Inpokémon Go runs the event “A Mega moment” as well as brings the brand-new mega kangama worldwide. In Pokémon Go, the modifications to the Mega-Pokémon and Mega developments are now active worldwide. In Pokémon Go, the new mega developments are real-time. On April 29 at 10:00 a.m. local time is the beginning for the event. Transformed generates: From the beginning of the event you will certainly locate mega raids with Kangama.

When does it start? On April 29 at 10:00 a.m. neighborhood time is the start for the event. It after that competes a few days and also finishes on Sunday, May 1st at 8:00 p.m. regional time.

Additional reward: Mega-Pokémon receive a WP boost during the event.

Write us your opinion on meinmmo in the comments as well as exchange ideas with various other trainers of the neighborhood.

Changed spawns: From the beginning of the event you will find mega raids with Kangama. During the event, your chosen Pokémon satisfies in the wilderness. All Pokémon use a celebrity in our checklist, which indicates that you can also capture them as Shiny.

INCOMING! New Mega *KANGASKHAN* Event! | Pokémon GO

Special RAID day: On Sunday, May 1st, a RAID day with a mega kangama ranges from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Mega-Kangama shows up more frequently in mega-raid during the event as well as the opportunity of Shiny Kangama is enhanced. Additionally, you will certainly obtain approximately 5 totally free raid passes for transforming picture discs at Arenen during the event as well as approximately 2 hrs after.

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