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Pokemon Go Guides: The Power of Mewtwo Shadow Pokémon

Welcome, trainers, to our comprehensive guide on the power of Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go. In this article, we will conduct an experiment to determine whether purifying Shadow Pokémon makes them stronger. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Shadow Pokémon and uncover their hidden potential.



Pokemon Go Guides: The Power of Mewtwo Shadow Pokémon


Experiment Setup

To conduct our experiment, we have chosen Mewtwo as our test subject. We have three Mewtwos: one non-purified, one Shadow Mewtwo, and one Shadow Mewtwo that we will purify. Our aim is to compare their performance and evaluate the impact of purification.


Important Note

Before we proceed, it's essential to mention that purifying legendary Shadow Pokémon is generally not recommended. However, for the purpose of this experiment, we will explore its effects on Mewtwo.


Comparing IVs and CP

Let's take a closer look at the individual Mewtwos and compare their IVs and CP. We have a non-Shadow, non-purified Mewtwo with 100% IVs and 13 attacks. The Shadow Mewtwo has 12 attack IVs, and the one we plan to purify has 13 attack IVs. After purification, Shadow Mewtwo's attack IV will increase to 15, matching the non-shadow Mewtwo.


Level Adjustment

Upon purification, the Shadow Mewtwo will also reach level 25, the same level as the non-shadow Mewtwo. Therefore, to ensure a fair comparison, we need to power up the other two Mewtwos to level 25 as well.


Battle Experiment

Now that all three Mewtwos are at level 25, it's time to conduct our battle experiment. Due to network limitations, we had to change the location and find an Alolan Vulpix for our test. In the experiment, we will only utilize the fast move, Confusion.


Handle Mewtwo

We select the non-shadow, non-purified Mewtwo for the first battle. Using Confusion as the fast move, we aim to bring the Alolan Vulpix's health down to half. It takes eight Confusion moves to achieve this.


Purified Mewtwo

Next, we repeat the same battle with the purified Mewtwo, which has 15 attack IVs after purification. Surprisingly, it also takes eight Confusion moves to reach the same outcome as the non-purified Mewtwo.


Shadow Mewtwo

For our final test, we use the Shadow Mewtwo with only six attack IVs. This time, seven Confusion moves take the Alolan Vulpix's health down to half.



Based on our experiment results, we can conclude the following:

  • The purified Mewtwo with 15 attack IVs performs equally to the non-purified Mewtwo with the same IVs.
  • The Shadow Mewtwo with six attack IVs requires one less Confusion move to achieve the same outcome as the Mewtwos with higher IVs.


Shadow Pokémon Strength

Our findings indicate that even with significantly lower IVs, the Shadow Mewtwo is still stronger than the non-shadow Mewtwo. Shadows' overall strength is boosted by approximately 16%, while IVs only account for 3-4%. Consequently, a zero percent IV Shadow Mewtwo is estimated to be roughly 12% stronger than a 100% IV non-shadow Mewtwo.


The Importance of Keeping Shadows

In light of these observations, it is highly advised not to purify Shadow Mewtwos. Their superior power and potential make them valuable assets, especially when considering future Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y possibilities. Furthermore, during events that remove Frustration, Shadows can learn powerful moves like Side Strike and Shadow Ball, making them even more formidable.



Trainers, we hope you found this comprehensive guide on the power of Shadow Pokémon enlightening. Remember, Shadow Mewtwo, despite having lower IVs, boasts immense strength and should be preserved. Avoid purifying these extraordinary creatures to unlock their full potential.

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