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Pokémon GO Guide: Master Ball Acquisition and Shadow Raids

In this Pokémon GO guide, we'll cover the exciting journey of acquiring the coveted Master Ball and delve into the challenges of completing page five of the research tasks. Additionally, we'll explore the mechanics of Shadow Raids and the potential rewards they offer. So, let's dive in!



Pokémon GO Guide: Master Ball Acquisition and Shadow Raids


Acquiring the Master Ball

After completing page four of the research tasks, which involved catching Pokémon, claiming XP, and Stardust rewards, it's time to claim the final rewards. These include 500 XP, 1000 Stardust, and the highly anticipated Master Ball, a powerful tool for catching Pokémon with a guaranteed success rate.


Page Five Objectives

To progress to the next phase, page five of six, trainers are required to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Catch 25 Pokémon
  • Defeat three Team GO Rocket Grunts
  • Make three excellent throws with any Pokémon
  • Battle in a gym three times


Shadow Raids and Purification

Engaging in Shadow Raids provides an opportunity to encounter and capture Shadow Pokémon. These Pokémon possess dark energy and require purification to restore them to their normal state. Accumulating Shadow Shards enables the creation of Purified Gems, which can aid in battling Shadow Pokémon.


Using Purified Gems in Shadow Raids

Purified Gems can be utilized during Shadow Raids to weaken and subdue enraged Shadow Pokémon. By activating the Purified Gem, the damage output of Shadow Pokémon can be mitigated, making the battles more manageable.


Shiny Shadow Pokémon and Frustration

Shiny Shadow Pokémon, while rare, offer an exciting chance to obtain unique and coveted Pokémon. During certain events, Frustration cannot be removed from Shadow Pokémon, limiting the customization options temporarily.


Team GO Rocket Leaders

Encountering and defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders, such as Cliff, yields greater rewards than regular Grunts. Defeating a Leader rewards trainers with increased Stardust, additional Shadow Shards, and progresses the research tasks.


Unlocking a Full Rocket Radar

By defeating two Team GO Rocket Grunts, trainers earn a Radar Piece. Accumulating three Radar Pieces allows trainers to construct a Full Rocket Radar, enabling the tracking of Team GO Rocket Leaders. This facilitates the completion of the Master Ball research and increases the chances of encountering Shiny Shadow Pokémon.


The Power of the Master Ball

The Master Ball is a highly sought-after item that guarantees a successful capture of any Pokémon. It offers trainers a fail-safe option when encountering rare or elusive Pokémon. The Master Ball can be accessed in battles by selecting it from the item menu and executing a successful throw.



Congratulations on acquiring the Master Ball and completing page five of the research tasks in Pokémon GO! With the Master Ball in your inventory, be prepared for encounters with rare and powerful Pokémon. Keep exploring, participating in Shadow Raids, and battling Team GO Rocket to unlock new rewards and exciting experiences in your Pokémon GO journey. 

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