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Pokemon GO Fest 2023 Guide: New Pokemon, Features, and Shiny Predictions

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 has been officially announced, and fans are eagerly anticipating the biggest events and seasons of the year. Based on previous experiences, we can make predictions about new Pokemon releases, potential new features, and the abundance of shiny Pokemon to catch. Let's delve into what we can expect from this highly anticipated event.

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 Guide: New Pokemon, Features, and Shiny Predictions


New Mythical Pokemon

Based on the GO Fest 2023 logo, which features two pink diamonds, we can expect the release of the Generation 6 mythical Pokemon, Diancie. Diancie will be a dual Rock and Fairy type with a high defense stat, making it a formidable tank. While its Rock type ranking may be low due to its low CP, it could potentially be one of the top five or top ten Fairy type Pokemon.


Other Pokemon Releases

In past GO Fest events, we have seen new wild Pokemon encounters, such as different forms of Rotom. As GO Fest takes place in August, a hot summer month, we can anticipate encountering a new Rotom form, possibly Fan Rotom. Make sure to capture these encounters and not transfer them, especially if you're attending both in-person and global GO Fest events.


Shiny Luck Tour and Special Research

The Shiny Luck Tour will take place on August 17th in New York City, featuring a vintage box break, a Pokemon GO competition, meet and greets, and a DJ set by Trainer Tips. This event will offer unique experiences and prizes. Additionally, special research quests leading to encounters with new Ultra Beasts are expected, including Necrozma, Poipole, Naganadel, Stakataka, and Blacephalon.


Mega Evolution and Raids

Mega Beyonce, the mythical Pokemon, will likely have a mega form, and it would be exciting to see it released during GO Fest. Mega Diancie would have a high CP, making it one of the best Fairy type Pokemon in the game. While raiding has faced some changes, we can still expect cool new Pokemon in raids, possibly including Zygarde, Yveltal, and Xerneas.


Eggs and Wild Pokemon

Pokemon GO has become more focused on eggs rather than raids, and GO Fest 2023 is expected to follow this trend. Hatching eggs during the event should yield boosted shiny rates for various Pokemon. New shiny regional Pokemon, such as Masquerain, Maractus, and Buffalon, might make their debut. Additionally, the shiny Goomy family could become hyper rare, similar to Axew or Noibat.


Rocket Raids and Shadow Pokemon

Team Rocket-themed activities will likely be prominent during the second day of GO Fest, with a focus on 12-kilometer eggs. Expect new shiny shadow Pokemon, and the introduction of Shadow Raids, where players battle and catch meta-relevant shadow Pokemon. A bold prediction includes the release of the shiny Cosmog in Elite Raids, spawning throughout the event.


Daily Incense and Shiny Legendary Birds

This year, GO Fest might introduce longer daily incense sessions, potentially extending from 15 to 60 minutes. Shiny Galarian legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres) could be encountered during daily incense sessions, spawning more frequently and being easier to catch. They may also have boosted shiny rates.


New Shiny Pokemon

Expect the release of new shiny Pokemon, including a shiny Unknown (possibly Exclamation and Question mark variants). The shiny Unknowns have been highly sought after and are expected to make a return during GO Fest. Shiny Scatterbug and Vivillon might also be released, incentivizing players to spin stops, collect gifts, and hatch special.

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