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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, the new Gaseosa "with very public coca-cola" pixel ", is already on sale in the US markets. As of today, May 2. Coca-Cola is using Zero Sugar Byte as a way of attracting players and trying the waters of marketing and launching products within metovers. The new flavor was first promoted in the Fortnite video game in March, and offered in an island location called "Pixel Point" before it was available to try in the real world. And speaking of flavor: the real flavor of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte remains the greatest mystery about this new flavor.

"Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte makes the intangible flavor of the pixel tangible," said CNN Oana Vlad, senior director of Coca-Cola strategy. It is "the taste of Coca-Cola that you know and love with bright elements at the beginning and refreshing with the finish... we believe it is important to be present in the spaces where the players play. Coca-Cola has supported the players community for a long time ».

The official promotional materials of Coca-Cola announce that Zero Sugar Byte is "an innovative flavor inspired by the joy of the pixels, rooted in the experiences that games make possible... the bright and direct taste of the drink reminds to turn on a game, and his refreshing finish makes him a perfect playmate ».

I tried the pixel-flavored Coke, and it Bytes - The Verge So, from all that, we can assume that the real mouth of consumers and the rumor of social networks will be needed to obtain an answer to the most important question that is still coming: is it really worth drinking coca- Zero sugar byte tail?

Zero Sugar Byte is the second launch of a new taste of creations of Coca Cola, the division responsible for creating innovative and marketable flavors for the company. To mix the worlds of games and real life, Coca-Cola will sell physical cans of Zero Sugar Byte with pixelated labels, which will give players access to augmented reality games through their smartphones. The product will also come with other "immersive digital experiences:

Pixel Point de Fortnite: "An island created in Fortnite Creative designed by Coca-Cola and the organization of lifestyle and PWR games." Players can «discover Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte in metoverso and interact with other players through a series of four multiplayer miniguegos inspired by the senses (The Castle, The Escape, The Race and The Tower). Each immersive room raises its own challenge that can only be resolved working together with other players to progress in the tower ».

Increased reality game: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte cans with pixelated labels provide players accessing through smartphones to a game about «The story of Byte, an 8-bit pixel that remained when Coca-Cola Byte entered to metaverso ».

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte is now available to buy online (while reservations last). It will cost $ 15 for a package of two in the US markets, and only the sugarless version will be available.

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