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** With the support of Trouble Gamings, “Players”, a new TV series Zuleague of Legends, is created. This will not be an anime like Arcane, the LOL series from Netflix, however a “mockmentary”: it possibly steams down to a parody of e-sports in LOL.

This is the action of the series :

  • The “Players” series informs the story of the imaginary United States LOL team Fugitives. It has to do with an aging celebrity called “Creamcheese” that as soon as had fantastic ambitions, proudly revealed, was also at the LOL Globes a few times, but could never win.
  • Fugitive now brings organizm, a 10-year-old star ability who is so consumed with LOL that he did not most likely to the bathroom, yet pee right into a stop glass.
  • The series focuses on how the young star and also the skilled professional gamer obtain closer to each other, stake up their area as well as inevitably pull themselves with each other.

Profi is old with 27, is confronted with a young star:

One of the docudramas makes e-sports, states to “Players”: He has worked behind the video camera as well as can confirm that the program will try to authentically provide the professional LOL (via Twitter).

** How genuine is this? Group Liquid as well as Wickedness Geniuses, 2 leading current LCS teams, can be seen.

Because LOL is a ready “young people”: players that are over 25 are currently taken into consideration “pensioners” in LOL and are constantly at risk of losing their jobs on teenagers.

In a scene of the trailer there is additionally Froskurrin present, a well-known “real” Caster of LOL.

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Their celebrity gamer Doublelift is also 28 today, was replaced by younger ones and did not get it rather clearly. He likewise needs to battle with his vanity also.

W O can you see that? The “Players” series runs via Paramountplus from June 16. In Germany you can receive the transmitter by means of “Sky Q”.

The story of fugitives is a little reminiscent of Team Solomid, the largest team in the LCS, which dominates in the United States, yet has never ever been able to tear anything at the Globes.

These are the subjects that are treated : In the beginning glimpse you can see that the series plays with the clichés (” Mother, dish!”), However likewise the actual peculiarities of e-sports.

“This is additionally the only manner in which wins anyway!”

What are the reactions? On YouTube, the comments are mainly positive, but additionally buffooning.

  • A user says: “I have adhered to Creamcheese since his debut in the LCS, I delight in that his tale is finally revealed. Faker is wonderful, however CC will constantly be the most significant ever before “
  • An additional buffoons: “This is also the only method exactly how North America will ever win the Globes Lol”

League of Legends had a great success with the Netflix series “Arcane”, let’s see if “Players” additionally works:

LOL fans are stressed concerning Season 2 from Arcane-now Riot is responding due to the fact that Netflix has large problems

With the support of Trouble Gamings, “Players”, a brand-new Television series Zuleague of Legends, is produced. This will not be an anime like Arcane, the LOL series from Netflix, but a “mockmentary”: it probably boils down to a parody of e-sports in LOL.

W O can you see that? The “Players” series runs via Paramountplus from June 16.

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