I oppose the enactment of the nursing law… Come out to the streets of doctors

As the enactment of the Nursing Law was discussed in the National Assembly, doctors strongly opposed it and predicted a strong struggle.

The Korean Medical Association announced on the afternoon of the 15th that it would hold a solidarity struggle until the nursing bill was withdrawn.

At the end of the day, Ildong, a representative of the national medical school, said in a resolution. Despite the concern that it could be made, it wanted to keep the national life and health in the Corona 19 situation and to make the best decision to make the best decision, but it has returned to the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee’s Legislative Promotion Act. ”

“The representatives of the national doctors who gathered the will of anger in the face of terrible reality will strongly respond to all their capabilities,” he said. The parliamentary apology, and the National Assembly urged to stop all legislative procedures for anti -democratic and anti -medical nursing legislation for only the benefits of certain literary translators.

In addition, such demands are not accepted, and they will be in the vanguard of the struggle with strong solidarity to withdraw the nursing legislation along with the general warfare.

On the other hand, Lee Pil -soo, chairman of the Korean Medical Association, said, “The nursing alone law separates the nursing nursing nursing nursing that the nursing nurses in the Corona 19 situation are separated from medical care and exists as a segmental and independent business area to harm public health and health care. It is an irrational law that breaks down the system. ”

Chairman Lee said, “The existence of the medical law clearly stipulates the role and responsibility of the medical personnel, and it is an immutable promise to achieve the best for the treatment of patients. It is a strict rule for implementing the best medical services that are not harmful to national health. ”The nursing law pointed out that it is a wrong attempt to deny and leave these medical laws and licenses.

In addition, it is said that the concerns of the combined medical medical community have been adjusted and excluded, but it is unacceptable. ” “We strengthen our capacity by expanding the reorganization of the Mi -Gi -Gi -Gi -Gi -Gi -Gi -Gi -Di -Di -Eui Council, and the Emergency Response Committee is reinforced.

Park Sung -min, chairman of the Korean Medical Association, said in an encouraging speech, “I shouted in a single protest to announce the dangers of the nursing and evil law in front of the main gate of the National Assembly, and explained the risks and asked for the disposal of the Health and Welfare Committee.” Democrats accepted the claims of some political nurses who demanded the legislation for themselves and led to political logic.

“The council recommended that the executive did its best to prevent nursing and elimination of nursing evil law, and also recommended that the total mobilization order to respond to the total power.” Keep in mind that it is the Democratic Party and the Nursing Association. ”

“There will be a difficult and difficult fight. All the representatives of the doctors gathered here will lead the struggle to win by the unity of Daedong unity. ”

Kim Dong -seok, chairman of the Korean Council, said, “I feel terrible beyond anger and amazing, saying,“ I am assuming that the nursing bill is a great law and pushing it with a large number of power without agreement. ” I wonder what I was forced to do. “We strongly condemn the passage of legislation that sold the right to health by breaking the promise of the discussion.”

“Nursing law is only an overdue legislation that tries to execute a certain policy by receiving legislative means. Recently, the necessity of consolidating the laws of similar areas or contents is emphasized. Let’s do it. ”

In addition, the Democratic Party, which has overturned the professional system and license system for only the benefits of certain literature, and shakes the medical system, shakes the dwarf plate, and must be responsible for the loss of medical care and the invasion of health. Let’s take responsibility for the lawmakers who have been overdue legislative and punish them. ”

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Baek Hyun -wook, chairman of the Korean Women’s Society, said, “The National Assembly, which has legislative rights, must fully reflect the opinions of medical professionals in enacting and revising health relations laws, but the National Assembly has a measure of legislation ahead of the launch of the new government. The legislation alone is a work that will cause the anger of the doctors and the people. Who will be responsible for the damage of the people when there is a matter of shaking the foundation of the medical system. ”

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