LOL: The stranger but important character who has inspired Viago, Arthas and even Sefirot

Either Arthas on Warcraft 3, then in Wow, Viego in League of Legends or other older characters such as Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII, the characters with great swords and white hair are quite common in video games. If it could be thought that the main purpose is above all visual, because the white hair allows a very interesting contrast with dark clothes, it really happens that these characters have a common source of inspiration, which is still their physical appearance.

Very clear winks

If the physical resemblance between Arthas and Viago is evident, it is far from being the only common point that unites the protagonists. First, the two are sovereigns of their own kingdoms , either Lordaeron for Arthas or Viago’s, which is not named because it disappeared more than a millennium ago.

The actions of the two rulers will then lead to the fall of their kingdoms, before become threats to their entire planet, for very different purposes . Arthas is lost in the search for a way to protect the people of him and be possessed by Frostmourne, while Viego wants to bring back the woman he loves back to life. Although the objectives of the two characters are different here, both have motivated their source of inspiration in several moments in their history.

The time has come to introduce you to Elric de Melniboné . The latter is a pillar of fantasy, and although he is less known than Conan or the characters of The Lord of the Rings, his influence is as important in this genre as that of the works cited. He also presents himself as the anti-condate par excellence. Unlike this, Elric has everything since the beginning of his history. He is the emperor of his people, dragon coach and the best wizard of his world.

Only elric is albino ultimately and extremely fragile . Without several invented drugs by him and / or those of his alchemists, it would even be impossible to move. Unlike Conan, who seeks to continue his destiny to become a king, trusting his physical strength, Elric seeks to escape from her while looking for a way not to depend more on drugs or her cursed storm storm, which provides strength through her The exchange of souls.

Elric will end up destroying his empire , sweeping his city to save the woman he loves (which is also his cousin, Elric’s line is presented as very, very decadent) hostage of the cousin jealous of him. Here parallelism with Viago is quite evident. In the following events, Elric will kill his cousin for the possession that Stormberinger exerts on him (his sword of him). This is his enormous point with Arthas, who kills his father by order of Frostmourne.

Although we present it here as the character that inspired many other protagonists, Elric was also influenced by works that preceded him , especially in Shakespeare’s books where we can find characters with characters quite close to Prince Albino. However, the character that most influenced him is Zenith El Albino , one of the main antagonists of the Sexton Blake novel series, which tells the adventures of the homonymous detective. In addition to the physical aspect, the two characters also share some character similarities.

Most subtle references

While the main similarities between Arthas, Viego and Elric seem obvious , which link it with Sephiroth are more subtle . Some are visible from the beginning of the characters, who received an education aimed at making them a person who does not necessarily want to become (emperor for Elric, elite soldier for Sephiroth). In addition, the two characters are indirectly responsible for the death of their mother, which goes from life to death at the time of childbirth.

Finally, the two protagonists are not human : Elric is a melnibonean (own race of the Moorcook universe, which could vaguely be compared to Warhammer’s dark elves for its appearance and customs) while Sephiroth has extraterrestrial cells. But its biggest point in common is elsewhere, so we can also warn you that the next paragraph will ruin you to death (yes, because casually, the plot on its empire is only the prologue of the Elric saga, therefore, the spoilers were lower).

Sephiroth and Elric try to escape their destination, only to realize in the end that they have always been manipulated by higher entities. Even its final objectives are extremely similar, since both have the ultimate goal of destroying their native world to arise a new 1. The treatment is, of course, different, because if the player’s goal in Final Fantasy is to counteract Sephiroth, the reader, on the other hand, is led to support the objective and actions of Elric (after his two worlds are not Really in the same state at the time of its destruction, so the context is very different). As a cherry, Sephiroth and Elric are women’s murderers, be it Aerith for Sephiroth or Cymoril and then Zarozinia for Elric.

Although Elric and Sephiroth share many points in common, Final Fantasy VII creators never established an official connection between them , and they never cited it as a source of inspiration. However, as indicated in this article, there are too many similarities between the appearance of the characters, their stories and their motivations to not be intrigued. Unconscious influence, forgotten because too dark for a Japanese audience, perhaps less focused on Western literature, or simple coincidences, each one is free to form their own opinion.

This passage was also a true headache, to decide whether it was pertinent to mention it since The two characters have never been officially linked unlike Arthas whose developers have admitted to have been inspired in part in Elric (as well as in acts of the Spaniards). Forces during the discovery of the American continent, another point in common with Viago that also has Hispanic inspirations). However, the similarities between the two characters (Elric and Sephiroth) are too important to ignore them. For example, we do not quote Dante of the Devil May Cry series, because despite the physical resemblance (white hair, black sword), the two characters have nothing in common in their stories, their characters and their goals.

Today, Elric exists in novels, comics but also comic strips. There is also a role -playing game that takes place in young kingdoms, the world of the albino magician . Maybe someday, he will finally have the right to adapt video game, even if it seems difficult at this time. Keep in mind that this difficulty is not technical, but that it lies more in the narrative. Elric is above all the story of someone who desperately tries to escape his destiny, but in the end he almost does not have control over his life.

Therefore, to respect this atmosphere, we would need a game in which the actions of the players almost did not have an impact , while the latter would do everything possible to deviate from the history of the game. This does not correspond at all to the current standards of video games, explaining in part the absence of albinos in this medium.

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