Pokemon Sword and Shield: All Dinamax Pokemon to defeat in the event dedicated to Shelder

We had not been a new event with a new event, so The Pokémon Company wanted to remedy this situation with a new temporal event that will remain available throughout the weekend. Thus, in the next guide we will indicate what the heads of incursion that you can face will be .

All Dinamax Pokémon to defeat in the event dedicated to Shelder

This time Shelder is the Pokémon that monopolizes all the prominence and the only one that will appear in these special incursions, so it is a good time for you to capture you in the event that you did not have you registered in your Pokédex.

The water type Pokémon of the first generation of the saga will be available at any of the five levels of incursion. The difference will be at your level, and in the objects that you will give you in return for successfully overcoming combat, since you can obtain rare candies, Dinamax candies, experience candies, pearls and a few special dts.

Of course, those that will be important are the incursions of level five, because in them there is a 2% probability that a Shiny Shiny appears. While it is very difficult for that to happen, for trying not to go. At least you have a few days to try if luck is on your side, because the event will remain active until 11:59 p.m. on May 22.

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