The second season of Godzillas animated series arrives at YouTube

With the passage of time, finding animated series of the last century becomes more and more difficult. Although platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ makes this work so complicated, there are some productions that are lost over time. Fortunately, some companies are doing everything possible to redeem this. One of these is Toho, who are ready to release the second season of the animated Degodzilla series for the general public .

For those who do not know, Godzilla had an animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera, responsible forpicapiedra_, which arrived on television around the world in 1978. This production has 26 episodes. Currently, you can enjoy the first season on the official YouTube channel of Toho. Now, it was recently revealed that after more than 40 years, The second season will be available on this same platform on June 6 .

This marks the first time that these 13 episodes will be available outside its original premiere four decades ago . Along with this, we must not forget that the Godzilla universe is constantly expanding. After the success that was godzilla vs Kong, Apple TV+ is already working on a new series that will be responsible for expanding the monsterverse.

Remember, The second season of the Godzilla animated series will arrive on YouTube on June 6 . In related issues, here you can learn more about the Live Action of Godzilla. Similarly, Hideaki Anno is working in a film universe with Godzilla and more Japanese properties.

Editor’s note:

It is good to see that the preservation of old animated series is still underway. If the animated series had been Japanese, this would probably have not been a problem, but considering that we are talking about a production that was worked by different companies, surely there were a series of contracts and problems in advance.

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