How to find Deep Dark in Minecraft

Update Minecraft 1.19 Wild brings a lot of interesting content to the world of Minecraft. However, none of them is so intriguing as the Deep Dark biom. While most bioms of the aboveground world are easy to find, deep darkness, as you can guess, is located very deep underground. This complicates the search a bit, but with the correct information you will know where to look. This is where to find the Deep Dark in Minecraft.

Where to find the Deep Dark in minecraft?


This biom follows the rules similar to typical caves, which means that they will be appear only underground . Unfortunately, there is there is no given height in which these certain caves can appear, although you can argue that you will need to be quite deep underground to find them.

The best way to find it is to turn on the sound in the game and listen to one . You will begin to hear very terrible sounds when you are nearby, as well as Sculk sensors. Sculk Sensors will release something like rinse noise when you are approaching them, even if the sensor is on the other side of the wall. As soon as you hear the sound of Sculk Shrieker, you can easily determine where the Deep Dark is located.

These biomes are visible from afar thanks to a very dark skull block which covers large areas. In deep darkness, mobs do not have the opportunity to appear, even if there are often no light sources in these areas. Activation Sculk shrieker A sufficiently number of times will cause the appearance of a guard who will apply the effect of darkness to you. This effect will lead to vision of vision .

Deep Dark is also the only place where ancient cities may appear. These are old ruins similar to temples of void, in which there are often many chests that you can plunder. However, they are also permeated by Sculk Shriekers. Deep darkness is definitely not for the faint of heart, and if you want to take a chance, you must be prepared.

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