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Minecraft - Update 1.20: All the news revealed in the Minecon on the next patch

Minecraft has been able to overcome its first decade of life in the middle of form and, although we would not think of taking merit to an extremely dedicated community that keeps it fresh with the creation of content or mods, the updates also They have a fundamental role. Each new patch improves the experience of the base game and offers countless possibilities and that is just what is about to happen. In a live broadcast motivated by the traditional Min econ , developers have revealed all the news that will arrive in a version 1.20 that promises to considerably improve the experience of all players.

All minecraft news in update 1.20

The first outstanding detail of the new update is the introduction of new skins by default. although avatars are a mere canvas for players to carry out customization, from Moving Studios they wanted to introduce new characters. The key theme of the entire Minecraft update 1.20 is the diversity, their own expression and the possibility that players tell stories through this video game. In this sense, developers consider all welcome and have added a total of seven characters. Of course, each with different physical characteristics to fulfill its integrative objective.

A new type of posters arrives in update 1.20

One of the most cool novelties in the presentation are new signs that players can crack during the adventure. We refer to the hanging posters , which can be built with all types of wood and place as an advertising, signal on public roads or how we better occur to us. The main objective is to signal, although surely there will be players who find alternative and even better functions. One of these little additions that we love to allow us to take the creation of stories much more seriously.

The bamboo arrives as a new material to Minecraft

Minecon A new type of wood will be available in the game once the update 1.20 is introduced. This is the bamboo , which we can use here at discretion without worrying about disturbing panda bears. The truth is that the results that this new type of wood can offer us are quite spectacular. The developers have also considered it very important from a cultural point of view, since the constructions of this material has been very frequent in some countries in South America, in addition to also southern areas of Africa or Asia.

In addition to decorative or construction , this new material will create a new block that will be placed forming beautiful mosaics and will also be used to manufacture rafts . The objective of these new vessels is the one that, we repeat, marks the entire update. He does not add new functions, but gives him a more adventurous touch and a different aesthetic to existing vehicles that allowed us to cross the seas.

The new block to create libraries arrives at 1.20

If we talk about interesting things that arrive in the next Update, this is one of those that takes the palm. From now on we can build bookstores that will work as furniture. This means that, indeed, we can physically place all kinds of books . In addition, this block can be combined with the Redst1. Among the multiple functions, there is one that will allow us to create secret doors in the purest style of the movies. We simply remove a book and our secret room opens.

The camels arrive at Minecraft

This is the simplest novelty of all, but we don't like less. The camels arrive at Minecraft in update 1.20 . They can be used as a mount and to feed them we will have to give them cactus. Unlike horses, they are a bit slower in injured land, although they can reach good speed in the plains thanks to their ability to sprint. Additionally, they will have the possibility of using a jump to overcome obstacles.

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