The release date of the Bayonetta 3 game is finally known

Bayonetta 3 will be available just before Halloween. It is therefore on October 28 that you can immerse yourself in this third part of the Bayonetta series. The irresistible UMBRA witch must ally itself with familiar faces, the mysterious Viola and a multitude of other bayonettas in order to prevent homunculus from wreaking havoc

_ • A multitude of bayonettas: meet a real assembly of Bayonettas, each more fabulous than the others, while fighting in the streets of Tokyo, the mountains of China and beyond! Along the way, find out if this arcanic alliance can really save humanity and what fate is waiting for this group of Bayonettas._

_ • Face rivals as Viola: in addition to Bayonetta, the players will also control the fiery witch in Viola formation, who is ready to go wild against the homunculus with her sword and his capricious companion, the feline demon cheshire._

A Trinity Masquerade edition will also be available from some retailers and in the My Nintendo store! Get closer to the characters and Bayonetta 3 with a 200-page color art book, and display all the Bayonetta trilogy with three reversible play boxes, one for each title, which combine to form superb panoramic illustrations. More details on the Trinity Masquerade edition and pre-orders will be disclosed soon.

In addition, on September 30, you can try to get your hands on one of the physical versions of Bayonetta offered in limited edition, which will be offered at $ 39.99

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