Exclusive Pokemon of Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: all the differences between versions

Each new generation of Pokémon consists of two games are its own creatures and exclusive content, and scarlet and purple Pokémon will not be less. Although there is still for the launch of both games, scheduled for November 18 in Nintendo Switch, we already know the first differences between versions and The first exclusive Pokémon of each. We are going to make a quick review so you can choose and reserve Pokémon Pokémon soon Pokémon Pokémon possible the delivery you prefer.

Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet

  • Larvitar (Roca / Land Pokémon of second generation)
  • Pupitar (evolution of larvitar)
  • Tyrannitar (pupit and rock / sinister type)
  • Stonjourner (eighth generation rock type Pokémon)

* Koraidon (legendary of the cover)

Exclusive Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon

  • BAGON (Third Generation Dragon Type Pokémon)
  • Shelgon (Bagon evolution)
  • Salamence (Shelgon evolution and dragon / flying type)
  • EiCue (Eighth Generation Ice Type Pokémon)
  • Miraidon (legendary of the cover)

Professors Pokémon of Scarlet and Purple

For the first time in the saga, Professor Pokémon who welcomes us to the Paldea region (of which we already know his complete map, inspired by Spain) will change depending on the edition of the game we choose. We will meet Sada in scarlet Pokémon and a Turo in Pokémon Purple .

Differences between scarlet and purple Pokémon

In the game we will also be students from an academy in the city of Mesagoza (does the name sound like?) And this school will change depending on the edition. It will be the Orange Academy in Scarlet Pokémon and the UVA Academy in Pokémon Purple. The uniforms and decorative elements of each will change depending on our version.

legendary scarlet and purple Pokémon

And we reach the most obvious difference, appreciable in the cover. The two legendary of this edition: Koraidon (Scarlet Pokémon) and Miraidon (Pokémon Purple). Legendary more important than ever since will also do the times of vehicles with which we move through the Paldea region.

Pokémon Pokémon with Sada and Turo, the Pokémon professors, one of them is committed to a futuristic and technological Pokémon Pokémonpect (Pokémon Purple) and the other just otherwise, something most wild and primitive (Pokémon Scarlet).

We will update Pokémon Pokémon new differences are confirmed, but we already invite you to check the list with all confirmed Pokémon, or the explanation about the teracristization, the new transformation of scarlet and purple.

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