Lambs cult the best curses

Being a leader of the lamb, you will face several opponents, exploring the depths of the dungeon. In most cases, your weapons will be enough to cope with the situation.

However, as you pass the various stages of the dungeon, you either will not have the necessary weapons in order to withstand stronger enemies, or your current weapon will not be enough to apply damage.

This is where the curses come to your aid, because they guarantee maximum damage to defeat enemies. The next leadership will give you the best curses of the agant cult.

Best Curses in Cult of the Lamb

To get the best curses, you must invest your points of improvement in the temple. Below we set up the five best curses for use in the cult of the Lamb.

Divine blizzard

When you are attacked by a large group of enemies, a divine blizzard is the best choice for curses, since it causes damage to all the closest enemies in your radius. In addition, he imposes the effect of freezing status, which slows down their speed. He also pushes the enemies aside, creating a good distance to give you a chance to inflict damage.


The whirlpool is perhaps the best cover for cover. It can shoot four tentacles at a right angle to cause damage to each enemy in the region, which makes this spell one of the best for guaranteed damage.

For additional strengthening, you can hold the curse button to change the direction of the spell to make it even more deadly for the goal.

Divine guard

This is the only protective spell available for use. Using Divine Guardian, you can push away any target that is next to you while causing damage.

In addition, he can make you invulnerable to attacks for 2 seconds, which will give you enough time to cause damage to the target. In addition, it helps to reflect flying shells.

Hounds of fate

This spell is best used when you enter the new room. Start by playing the hounds of fate to launch rockets into enemies that hide in this area.

This spell will be allocated among bosses to inflict damage, maintaining a safe distance. However, make sure that you do not use it against debris, as they can destroy the curse.

Path of the righteous

This is the best spell for damage to Cult of the Lamb. Using the path of the righteous, you can shoot a drop of Ihor on the path of your enemies to inflict good damage.

Being to those who pronounce the spell, you can go a drop of drops without fear of a deterioration in your health.

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