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Different world metastases ... In an unfinished self -made novel! Management Sim x Rogue Light RPG Untitled Crossing Record

The 106th Chinese Game Viewing Record is a rogue light RPG with a management simulation and training element that transforms the novel I wrote, Nameless Nameless Exploration Record (UNTITITLED CROSSING RECORD) ** (China name Unnamed Pushing Record).

This work was developed by Nekopad Studio and was distributed on Steam on August 16, 2022 by Gamera Games. Gamera Games is a publisher that works on many Chinese indie games, and in Chinese Game Watching, the horror game PARANORMALHK set in Hong Kong and Kowloon Castle, and the Sennin Shim Extremely Model Model Model. Amazing Cultivation Simulator.

The content of this work is that there are about 10 multi-ending, including elements such as management sim, character development, and rogue light RPG. The work has a Japanese title, but unfortunately it is currently only Chinese (simplified). However, there are many games that are supported in Japanese in Gamera Games, so there is a possibility that Japanese will be implemented in the future. Let's play what kind of game it is!

Naked and different world metastases!

The game begins in the hero's dream. The mysterious voice asks for the name, so let's use it as Spa (spakun).

When I woke up, it was my room. Apparently, Spa is a writer, and he seems to have a promise to meet the editor today. Moreover, the editor is his college senior, a scary person. He rushes out of the room while thinking that he will be killed.

When I left the house, I was waiting for a senior and editor Rakuka, a senior at a university. She said she had an urgent use in the editorial department, and she seemed to have come to the house to finish the meeting with Spa quickly.

Spa-kun gave a plot of the new Camilant Senki written in her writing book. However, it is said that such a subject is not popular anymore. This time is different from usual. I'm confident in setting, says Spa-kun. Rakuka opened her writing book and read it...

The next moment, with the mysterious voice, Spa and Rakuka will lose consciousness. The next time I woke up, Spa-kun fell naked in the forest somewhere. It is quite hard mode that different world metastasis begins naked.

When I was worried about what happened, the carriage came here. It was a knight-style man and a magician-style woman. She was suspicious of seeing Spa in the forest naked, but she was given her clothes for the time being.

Spa-kun in clothes says, I don't know why I'm here. The person in the carriage said that Spa was a important person and ordered him to take him. Is he a legendary hero? I suddenly ate belly bread from the knight and lost my consciousness again.

And to prison

Spa-kun was forced to be taken to the castle gate by a knight and a female magician. And it will be handed over to the gatekeeper guard. Far from the legendary hero, you are suddenly treated as a criminal.

Spa-kun, who has been imprisoned, organizes the information here. The knight earlier says his name is Vester . It looks like the same name as the hero of the novel written by Spa. The name of the castle and the city is the same as the novel setting. Spa realizes that he has metastasized to his novel.

And the problem is that the novel plot has not been written to the end. He was just a novel he wrote, as his characters were set roughly. Did Rakuka also have a different world? She hope she is safe.

When I was thinking about how to get out of the prison, a man who seemed to smell came. There is a struggle outside of those who try to kill you outside. There is not much time. But Spa-kun can't trust him and he refuses this offer.

A spa-kun taken out of the prison after a fragrant man leaves. What I was waiting for was the military commander and the astrologer woman. Astrology seems to use Spa as Savior, but the military commander has pushed the spa into the dungeon, saying, I don't believe that. Prove it with ability.

While falling, I heard a mysterious voice, saying, I don't want to die yet! I want to return to the original world! When Spa responded, his body was full of power. It's an awakening event.

A knight and a female magician who met in the woods came after Spa-kun, who was dropped by the dungeon. They say, I need Spa-kun's power in the crisis approaching the world. For the time being, you have to get out of this dungeon.

Push through the dungeon!

The name of the knight is Vester , and the female magician is Darlandor , the same name as Spa-kun's novel. From here, it will be in the Rogue Light RPG mode and go through the dungeon with your friends. In the form of continuing to go to the right, there are events and enemies with enemies for each room.

The character has fatigue , and it increases with each action or choice. When the degree of fatigue increases, various disadvantages occur. In terms of system, it looks like the Rogue Light RPG Darkest Dungeon. The top of the screen represents the map (room and aisle).

Event occurs. Because there is a tent, it is a choice of what to do. When Spa-kun examined, he said, Success rate 89 %, fatigue +5. The character also has a search ability, so it is better to leave it to a character with a high success rate. In the event of something, I left it to the knight, Vester, the most HP. As a result, I can't find anything. Hmm...

Encounter the enemy in the next room. The displayed on the right side of the screen is an enemy symbol, not an actual enemy. Encount by clicking the Battle icon at the bottom right. I don't know what enemies will come out, so be ready before fighting.

Combat start! There are two enemies like skeleton nights. The battle is automatically performed (pause with the ESC key). The skill icon lined up at the bottom of the screen can be used by clicking. After using the skill, you can reuse it as many times as you want, so let's use it more and more. Also, right-click the skill icon and automatically reuse each time the cool down is over.

Win the battle! Experience, money, drop items, etc. can be obtained. And Spa-kun has no ability to fight at all. It's completely luggage.

When I went to the back room, an enemy boss golem appeared. The Vester's attack is not passed and he attacks Spa-kun. Here, Spa awakens his magic ability, but even after eating the magic, he knocks down the spa. Eventually, Vester cuts the golem from behind and defeats him. For now, Spa-kun has nothing to do.

Base operation started!

When Spa woke up, it was in some room. Apparently it was rescued by the dungeon. And in front of you is Rakuka! Apparently, she had metastasized three years ago to this world. She said she had lived somehow while taking care of the castle people.

A astrologer who was with the military commander and an old woman working as the governor of the castle appeared. There is a way to save the world crisis deep in the dungeon. I want you to find it. If you are an ordinary person, you will be pushed back to the dungeon entrance seal and you will not be able to get inside. If I achieve the request, I will return to the original world. Spa reluctantly accepted.

This is the base management part. Party formation, shopping, training, breaks, facility construction, human resource scouts at a bar can be performed. Click the crystal ball at the center of the lower screen to proceed to the next turn.

Rakuka has joined her friends, so let's form a party. The avant-garde / rear guard is automatically placed in the character's occupation. Rakuka is the archer, so it is at the back. Which map will be challenged here. When you make a turn, you will go on an adventure. Be careful as fatigue will not recover unless you take a break.

You can hire mercenaries in the bar, but you cost money for each turn. It's a pretty good price, so I wonder if the first parties are just a relative party. If you have the money, you will be able to make a rotation of making multiple parties and taking one of them while resting one.

Facility construction can also be performed. However, it is necessary to have fame in addition to money for construction, so let's enhance the fame by clearing the dungeon. Currently, you can make training center , so we will build this for the time being. You can train from the schedule described later.

In the schedule, you can decide what to do on the next turn (you will not be able to go on an adventure). It is possible to train, learn, or take a break if you are tired. In training, you can improve certain abilities by pinpoint, so let's use it well.

At the deepest part of the dungeon, encounter a large boss enemy! Due to the high attack power, it is always being recovered magic to the avant-garde knight. In addition, we have armor and use range attacks, so once the preliminary operation starts, the character must be moved outside the attack range. If the spa can win, please play with your own hands.

Operating Loglight RPG with a lot of text

This work is a combination of bases and rogue lights, such as going to adventures, expanding facilities, and hiring adventurers. Dungeons can always return to the base except during battle, so if you find it dangerous, you should return immediately.

At the base, it is possible to interact with characters and get various bonuses to increase the liking. Let's train more and more characters while going back and forth through the dungeon. And it's a work with more textbooks than I imagined. I think it can be enjoyed as a visual novel. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, it is only Chinese, so let's look forward to future Japanese support.

Product information

  • Some of the game titles and proper nouns used in this article are replaced with simplified and traditional characters with technical restrictions.

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