Would Fox be interested in reliving the kings of the hill?

One of the simpson sister series that highlighted among many was the kings of the hill, that ended its seasons for a long time, and according to its creator, Mike Judge , there is the possibility of A return. However, the television chain that gave him green light in its beginnings, Fox , would not be involved in the restart.

This is what the president of Fox Entertainment, Michael Thorn :

That is not going to be with Fox. We love that team and love that program. Obviously, it is part of our animation legacy. But in what we are really focusing on animation is at the launch of the next wave of our exclusive animated series, while having our great legacy.

We are really focused on what are the new programs that we believe can emerge creatively, in which we also have a significant participation in the property and, if not, in having 100 percent. And in a program like King of the Hill, which we love, there really is no opportunity for us to have a property participation in that program. It is not a movement that we can make as we grow our net animation wave, where property is so crucial for the long-term success of this series.

The creators of The kings of the hill have had conversations with companies such as Flag Entertainment , so at any time it would be announced. It is even rumored that the original cast (in English) would return to the voices.

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