The Tokyo Game Show 2022 is the largest game exhibition in Japan, which was held on both the real venue of Chiba Madurai Jesse and the online platform, which has expanded its scale since 2021. We will deliver the play repo of the InsertDisc5 Time Loop RPG adventure in Stars and Time which was exhibited at the Indy Game Boom.


This work is an RPG that explores how the protagonist trapped in the time loop is released from the loop. In the version exhibited at TGS2022, everything was translated into Japanese and could experience the personality of the system. In terms of the game system, it follows the 3-forching element of rock-paper-scissors, and each character has the attributes of Goo/Choke/Pa, and can do great damage depending on the compatibility as rock-paper-scissors.

Of course, the party character also has a rock-paper-scissors attribute, so if it is incompatible, it will naturally be easier to be defeated. What I thought while playing was that it was easy for allies to be defeated. If you understand the core of the system more, you can do various measures, so it seems that it will not be a big stress. On the other hand, one battle time is short, and it is one of the interesting things that you can defeat the enemy without difficulty.

Especially the character drawn in gray is also attractive. Since the author has previously said that it has been influenced by Under tail, the expression on the battle screen and the map is shown. In addition, the conversation that occurs by examining the previous items is a hint to the game, and it is also an element that delves into the charm of the character, so it is full of charm that you want to look up one after another.

In Stars and Time will be released for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version aims to release it in 2023.

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