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How to find lost Remi recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dream light Valley is a fascinating adventure life-symbol of the life, the action of which takes place in the magical world of Dream light Valley. Help some cult characters of Disney, saving the valley of evil from evil and restoring their houses and peace on Earth. You can create unique objects, prepare recipes and even develop friendship with your favorite characters. Each character has a fantastic set of quests that you can fulfill for them, for example, to find lost books of Remi recipes.

Remi needs your help to find his recipes books so that he can properly launch Chen Remy. Unfortunately, Mickey lost them, and his note about their whereabouts is spoiled. You can use your Dream light magic to restore memories of their places, but this will give you only three simple images-subscriptions about where you can dig them out. The first reveals pier on the beach second a culinary station in the form of a temple and the third view of blue house and the top of the stairs .


where to find the first book of Remi recipes in Disney Dream light Valley

Following the first clue about the dock on the beach, you can find the first book of recipes for Dazzl-Beach . Looking at the map, you will notice two different bears and bridges crossing water on the beach. The one next to which you want to dig is located on the right near the GUI counter from the southeast side.

where to find the second book of Remi recipes in Disney Dream light Valley

The second book is in a darker, more rocky place, such as mysterious cave . There is no map for this place, but if you notice a hint on the image, there is a culinary station right behind it. Go to third gate where the culinary station is located, and you will see a book sticking out of the ground that you need to dig.

where to find the third book of Remi recipes in Disney Dream light Valley

The last book is somewhere near the blue house and near the stairs, as shown on a visual hint. If you look closely, you can see that this is house GUI in peaceful meadow . There is also staircase leading to the beach of Basal south of the house of GUI. If you go to the place next to the stairs, where the Sufi House is still visible, you will notice the excavations for the book of recipes.

When you have all the books, you can return to Remy and give them to him. In turn, Remi will tell where to get peanuts and give two new recipe as a reward sandwich with peanut oil and peanut oil waffles. The performance of the quest also increases your friendship with Remi significantly.

Performing quests for characters is a great way to restore the valley and increase friendship. These quests may require some critical thinking and solid solutions, but allow you to collect special awards and recipes that you can use in your adventure.

Looking for additional games for professionals Disney Dream light Valley? Check out our leaderships on the Dream light Disney Valley-how to find out new recipes or the best ways to develop friendship in the Dream light Disney Valley!

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