How to quickly get SP in The Diofield Chronicle

sp or skills glasses are the resources necessary to improve or open new skills. Four **** trees of skills, one for each type of unit in The Airfield Chronicle, divide one SP pool. If you want competent units in your army, you will need a lot of SP, and how to get it quickly.

Can I grind SP in The Airfield Chronicle?

You cannot grin for SP. SP is rewarded to you if you successfully clean additional missions that you get in your Basic and additional quests (for example, Do not let the allies fall in battle). Therefore, the fastest way to earn SP is complete the missions when you are ready to accept the call .


When you take the quest and side missions at first seem too complicated, do not worry. Just complete it! If you can’t cope with the missions, you can repeat the attempt later in the training battle mode. The table of practical battles is in the same room as the institute.

After two plot battles, go to the table Practical battles and repeat the previous quest. If you have too high level, you can quickly clean it. If you want to reduce the difficulty to ordinary to get them easier, this is also an option.

A positive moment here is that, since units of the same type use one tree of skills, several characters benefit from one improvement. If you are mistaken with the SP distribution, you can drop everything with 10,000G. But since the victory in the early battles is unlikely to reward you 1/10 of this amount, it is better to just be careful with where you invest your SP.

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