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[Issue] Thanks to the game! The reason the user stands 1.3km in the National Assembly

In addition to Lee Pantheon, hundreds of users gathered in front of the National Assembly on the 29th for the signing of the Auditor's National Audit for Allegations of the Game Management Committee.

The first user waited from 10 am. The signature was originally scheduled to start at 1 pm, but the signature began at 12:20 pm, which was 40 minutes earlier with so many users gathered.

As of 12:20 pm, more than 250 users were waiting for the line. The user continued to gather, and the waiting line was more than 700 meters as of 1:10 pm. The waiting string went to the left side of the National Assembly and headed to the National Assembly Museum. At around 2 pm, the line of users led to the main building of the National Assembly and to the front of the National Assembly Library. It took about 13 minutes to walk from the signature to the end of the waiting line. It was at least 1.3 km.

The signatures of 300 people, who are the conditions for auditors, have already met around 1:40. Many users waited to make a name in the thanksgiving bill. There were some users who returned because of the longer atmosphere. Lee Pantheon maintained a signature for the signature of the will.

Lee Docking, a member of the lawmaker Lee Pantheon, thanked the users who participated in the signature. Lee Docking said that hundreds of users gathered for signatures, I think there is a complaint about the Korean game grade classification system.

Lee Docking said he would consider the prosecution investigation request, starting with the auditor's claim. He stressed, Lee Pantheon goes to the end once.

Lee Docking, the core of the incident, cited two suspicions of problems between developers and committees and many suspicions within the committee. Some suspicions were confirmed through the data, and other suspicions were expected to be revealed through the audit or prosecution investigation.

Kim Tae-hyun (28 years old, Seagram), who arrived first, said that his 'Blue Archive' was not fair because it was not fair for the 'Blue Archive' to be judged by the wrong standard of the Game Water Management Committee. The process was not fair, and I signed it to prevent it because the game was threatened to continue the tyranny in the future.

Kim emphasized that he wanted to play games as a game regardless of political ideology. Subsequently, he pointed out that the allegations of the game of the game, It is not just a matter of using money, but it is used as a blood of the people, but it is very wrong to come out in a way that there is no problem.

Gang Mo (Nickname Shirt, Fate/Grand Order and Blue Archive User) from Yon gin said, I was not satisfied with the rating regulations for the game, so I looked for the related system, but it was strange as I dug up. Suspicion, suspicion of embezzlement of 5 billion won, and signed.

Mr. Gang said, It is said that even if you look at the game's own regulations, it reflects the global trend, he said. I hope to reflect this and improve the current comprehensive classification regulations and disclose the process transparently. He abolished the national institution-led classification system and proposed a self-class classification system centered on private associations.

On the other hand, suspicions of the game level are related to the 'Game Rating Integrated Management System', which has a tax of 5 billion won. The Game Water Management Committee began to establish the 'Game Rating Integrated Management System' in 2017 and completed it in 2019. Since then, the system has been pointed out at the end of 2020. According to the clinician's explanation, the Game Committee passed the completion inspection at the end of 2019 and received the product. The problem was that the supervision resulted in an error in the product, and it was later confirmed that it was unfinished. The supervision report states that 16% of the products were not completed, and 8% of the errors occurred and supplemented.

In the National Audit, held on October 24, lawmaker Lee Pantheon confirmed the business status, and Kim Kyushu, chairman of the game, replied, The integrated system is not perfect now. Representative Lee Pantheon said, We will continue to watch this problem.

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