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LOL: The most controversial champions will return to the jungle at the beginning of the next preseason 2023

League of Legends prepares for the arrival of the 2023 preseason. A time of changes that will begin in just seven days and promises to revolutionize the video game with great adjustments that will be especially striking in the jungle. The players of this position will see how pets appear to help them and give them notable improvements. A mechanics that will offer great Advantages to champions for combat and cleaning of camps . However, many members of the community have not yet seen the one that will be the great side effect that Riot Games has anticipated and could bring very hated characters back.


The changes to the jungle bring back the most hated characters

Answering a community question about the possibility of increasing the diversity of champions available to La Jungle, an employee of Riot Games has assured that this is one of the great plans of the developer for the 2023 preseason. We believe it is really Fun and very cool that new champions go to the jungle. While we can do it, there is no problem that it works similarly to Mid-Lane, Top or Support and there are many archetypes of available characters (...) in fact is something we are going to solve in preseason , Truexy explained.

This Riot Games employee in charge of balancing the main game mode in the invoked crack explained that, in the face of the preseason, the next change was really important: Much of your power to clean the jungle will be in The partner (pet) that you buy at the beginning of the games. This will open new opportunities for these jungles such as Need or Morgan to increase their cleaning speed and be somewhat more viable. You can definitely be excited with that.

Of course there will be those who are, although the magicians and other alternative champions have never been the most popular jungle. Normally, every time you have been able to play characters like rumble or Morgan have been able to dominate the metajuego. Something that could happen again when from next November 16 2023 preseason arrives in League of Legends definitively.


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