All 4 locations of research stations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

So, you have reached the zero zone, and the local professor instructed you to come and meet them below. But to gain access to them, you first need to unlock four locks hidden at four research stations in the area. Here’s how to find them all in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

The best route to get to all 4 research stations in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The zone zero has no card, but it has a rough layout. Spiral. While you go down the slopes without cutting the path, you naturally pass by the first three research stations.

Research Station No. 1 (the highest)

Research Station No. 2

H Scientific Research Station No. 3

Where to find a research station number 4?

The last research station is located at the very bottom of the Area Zero, next to the location of the professor. To get to it, teleport to research station No. 3 and head to the cave in the opposite direction.

Turn right from the entrance. The corridor is not obvious, but it is. Then follow the spiral down again until you reach the research station No. 4.

Corridor and Myrmidon will not be with you until the credits begin, so you need to make sure that you are walking along the road. If you fall or run too far from your friends, you will transfer to the last research station you visited.


Where is all the paradoxical Pokémon?

Area Zero is the so-called place where Paradox Pokémon live. If so, where is all Paradox Pokémon? You will not see them yet until you meet Iron Bundle (double Deli bird), and you will not meet them all until you finish the main story.

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