Pokemon Confirms Ash Is Sticking To the Anime

The upgrade comes from a current interview TV Tokyo executives in Japan. It was there the group brought up Pokémon as an example of its success. The network’s head of Anime, Miranda Rise, made the effort while chatting to reject issues about Ash.

Pokémon has kept fans on edge for a couple of weeks now, and we have the anime to thank for the upset. It was not that long ago the world enjoyed as Ash Ketchup stood high and took house his biggest win yet. Ash defeated Leon to end up being the world’s top Pokémon trainer, and many fans wondered whether this success signaled the end of the hero’s journey. As it turns out, Ash is sticking with the anime.

What’s Next for Ash?

Continuing, the president of television Tokyo even nodded to Pokémon. I heard that Satoshi ending up being a Champ has fans from all over the world commemorating. (As the network airing Pokemon) we’re very delighted this is happening to Satoshi, and we wish to celebrate as well, Cairo Ashikaga confessed.

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Ash beat Leon to become the world’s leading Pokémon trainer, and lots of fans questioned whether this success indicated the end of the hero’s journey. As it turns out, Ash is sticking with the anime.

Ash could bring on in a Gen 9 anime as constantly, but others are convinced the trainer could cut their function somewhat moving forward.


Ash might bring on in a Gen 9 anime as always, but others are encouraged the trainer might cut their role somewhat moving forward. For now, we will have to wait and see what Ash chooses, however it is clear at least TV Tokyo is down to keep the fitness instructor around.

The network’s head of Anime, Miranda Rise, took the time while chatting to brush off issues about Ash.

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For people questioning what’s in store for the future, Satoshi’s experiences aren’t over. As to how the adventures will go, we wish to make a statement throughout the next anime broadcast, the executive said (via Dogs).

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