Wizard101 Includes Novus, a New World Inspired By Surrealist Art, and New Mechanics for Flexible Builds

For full details on Nous, new spells, and whatever in the update, read the notes at Wizard101.

Wizard101 has a new stat called Arch mastery, which lets you have some more versatility in your construct, rather of pressing you into more of a single-school leaning construct (which the mechanics typically incentivized). Arch mastery will let you convert Power pips into School pips, so you can vary your builds.

In the upgrade are brand-new Beast moon kinds, like Balance Minotaur, which is an efficient support, Ice Draconian, for tanking, and Misconception Colossus, which specializes in distinct minion play. There will also be a brand-new schedule of Beast moon occasions.

Given that it’s a big seasonal upgrade, there are new equipment stats, a brand-new pin system that will include to the secondary school ventures and versatile builds, and extra Castle items. Also, brand-new spells, including things that do useful stuff like setting the PVP turn order to alternating turns, stopping product from moving, contributing to Magic counters, stop gamers from playing as a pet, and more.

Wizard101 has introduced a mystical brand-new world called Nous. The world is inspired by surrealist art, and becomes part of the big fall update for the long-running MMO.

It raises the level cap to 160, and includes new quest content, new kinds of magic, political complexities to discover and maybe even a hazard to Nous itself by those who might corrupt the newly appeared world.

Nous is the most recent addition and arose, in tradition, when shards appeared over the Spiral after the World Synthesizer in Lemuria was damaged. The new fragments form Nous itself, and it is the next location to explore, uncover its secrets, the politics of individuals there, and more.


The team has likewise revamped some aspects of the guild system, with a number of improvements to the social systems, including the capability to join by means of the social kiosk if a guild has actually been noted there by its leader.

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