Platinum Games unveils G. G. Project, 3rd title of the Hero Trilogy

Platinum Games revealed Job G. G., the second of the 4th video game ads belonging to the Platinum 4 effort.
As detailed in an interview with Fujitsu, Project G. G. is the third title of the hero trilogy, after Viewttiful Joe and The Wonderful 101, which is being remastering.
The magazine has the image of a boy posing under a pale light and transforming into a giant to combat a Kiev, a giant beast in the vein of Godzilla.
The copyright belongs for the first time to Platinum Games and is self-published on all existing platforms.
The video game will be led by Hide Kamila, who stated he needs to not focus specifically on action, in the same way as the aforementioned projects.
Where Viewttiful Joe is Karen Rider-Esque in that a person becomes a hero, and The Terrific 101 is more like a group of individuals changing into heroes, said Kamila, G.G. task is a brave giant title.


Currently, the game is being developed by a team of 15 individuals, but the goal is to open a brand-new office of 100 individuals in Tokyo.
At some time in the development of the video game, which is just in its infancy, Tencent-which bought the label-proposed to finance it, but Platinum Games decreased the offer due to the fact that he believed it could have.
Compromise your liberty of production.
Finally, the 2 remaining video games of the Platinum 4 initiative would be brand name brand-new and not existing titles ports, and in particular the 4th is considered a trick that people will find fascinating to find.

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