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Fortnite X My Hero Academy: Nuev Skins de Midoriya, Urarakara, Bakugo


The collaboration of My Hero Academia h arrived in Fortnite on Friday, December 16, 2022. Among the new content of the game we have new Skins from Izuku Midoriyama, Chico Ur aka, Katsuki Bakugo and All might, well accessories, new missions that allow us to obtain free objects and a new mythical weapon. Just below we tell you all about this new collaboration of Fortnite seon 1 Chapter 4:

Fortnite X My Hero Academy: This is the new Skins of Midoriyama, Granada, Bakugo and All Might

From 1:00 p.m. CET on 12/16/2022 are available in the Fortnite store for the first time the objects of My Hero Academia, including new skins. These are all the available objects and their respective prices in turkeys, Fortnite's virtual currency: All Might Lot of Cls 1-A (includes the Skin Izuku Midoriyama, the Backpack Accessory Figure of All Might, the Skin Katsuki Bakugo, the Backpack Accessory Backpack Granada, the Skin Chico Ararat Izuku): 2,800 turkeys Cls 1-A equipment lot (includes the black whip ax collection tool, the explosive mallet collection tool, the Gravity hammer collection tool and the gesture notes of heroes): 1,500 turkeys SKIN ALL MIGHT (includes different styles) + Backpack accessory director New \ + Integrated gesture Transformation of All Might: 2,000 turkeys Skin Izuku Midoriyama (includes different styles) + Backpack accessory Figure of All might \ + Integrated gesture Don de Izuku: 1,600 turkeys Skin Chico Granada (includes different styles) + Gravity Propulsion Backpack Accessory: 1,500 turkeys Skin Katsuki Bakugo (includes different styles) + Backpack accessory Granada backpack: 1,500 turkeys Peace symbol gesture: 300 turkeys Gesture Heroes notes: 300 turkeys Black whip ax collection tool: 800 turkeys Gravity hammer collection tool: 800 turkeys Explosive mallet collection tool: 800 turkeys All Might's Justice Collection Tool: 500 turkeys Here you have the official trailer of the collaboration: Here we leave you a video of all these objects in the Fortnite store, so you can see how they are in-game:

New mythical weapon of My Hero Academia in Fortnite: Smh de Deku

already happened with the collaboration of Dragon Ball and the Kamehameha, My Hero Academia brings a new mythical weapon to Fortnite: DEU's Smh. It is a powerful punch with a brutal expansive wave that annihilates everything we have in front of our character. This mythical weapon is achieved by opening all might supply deliveries and buying it in vending machines. We will give you more details soon you are available in the game and know more about it.

Missions of My Hero Academia in Fortnite: Full list and free rewards

Through Dating we can verify that there are two weeks of MY Hero Academia in Fortnite, with its exclusive rewards:

Additional objectives of My Hero Academia

  • Complete 4 missions of My Hero Academia (0/4)-Recompense: DEU glove emoticon
  • Complete 8 Missions of My Hero Academia (0/8)-Recompense: Backpack accessory UA layer

Missions of My Hero Academy: Week 1

  • Get the Smh from DEU (0/1)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE.
  • Indicate damage to opponents with explosives (0/500)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE.
  • Keep a certain time in the air using a shock hammer (0/20)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE
  • Rescue the training mannequins in the water (0/6)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE
  • Eliminates opponents (0/4)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE.
  • Claim locations with name (0/3)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE
  • Help eliminate opponents in the hero training gym (0/5)-Recompense: Graffiti DEU
  • Obtain points ensuring rescue points in the hero training gym (0/25)-Recompense: Graffiti Plus Ultra

Missions of My Hero Academy: Week 2

  • Eliminate an opponent while you are in the snow or on ice (0/1)-Recompense: 20,000 PE of seon
  • Destroy structures with fire (0/10)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE
  • Get a gesture less than 25 meters from an opponent (0/1)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE.
  • I sprint 1,000 meters under the effect of a row (0/1,000)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE.
  • Visit different locations with name (0/3)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE
  • Recover health or obtain shield (0/300)-Recompense: 20,000 seon PE.
  • Inflicts opponents with the Smh in DEU (0/100)-Recompense: 20,000 PE of seon

part of these missions there are rewards in the form of exclusive cosmetic objects: Backpack accessory UA layer DEU Glove Emoticon Graffiti Plus Ultra Graffiti DEU

New creative map of My Hero Academia in Fortnite

The collaboration of My Hero Academia h also brought a new map of creative to Fortnite, called heroes training gym.

In it, we can participate in all kinds of tks and try DEU's Smh. In addition, some missions take place in the heroes training gym, so we will have to play this map to complete them. The Island Code is 6917-7775-5190.

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