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How to Pick and Unlock FFXIV Healer Job Classes?

Final Fantasy XIV Healers specialize in healing a large number of allies at once. They have a variety of spells that can heal multiple people, as well as some buffs to increase the efficiency of their healing. Shield Healers specialize in shielding and protecting their allies from harm. They have a variety of spells that can grant shields to multiple people, as well as some damage mitigation abilities. Both Energy and Shield Healers have access to a variety of support abilities, such as raising fallen allies and removing harmful status effects. They can also use their spells to deal damage to enemies, although this is not their primary focus.



Scholar - TIER B
Scholars are healers that rely on their companion fairies to provide support for their allies. Through the use of powerful shields and healing abilities, Scholars can provide powerful support to their party. Scholars specialize in barrier healing and are able to effectively balance their resources to provide both the necessary healing and a high amount of party DPS. For players who like the idea of having a passive support system from a summoned ally, this job could be a great option. To play as a Scholar, players must start as the DPS Arcanist class and switch to the Scholar job at Lv. 30.

Weapon: Book
Where is the scholar unlocked?
Location: Limsa Lominsa, Lower Decks (X: 4.5 / Y: 11.2)
NPC: Murray
Class Quest: Journey to the Past
Requirements: Level 30 base class Arcanist and complete all class quests


  • Can summon a fairy to help with healing and defensive abilities
  • Flexible healing kit with a wide range of healing options
  • Access to powerful Aetherflow abilities and some of the strongest shields in the game
  • Combines healing and DPS for a powerful healing job


  • Must start as the DPS Arcanist class and then switch to the Scholar job at level 30
  • Must control both the fairy and themselves to keep up shields
  • Requires a lot of coordination between the fairy and the Scholar

Astrologian - TIER A
Astrologians are a unique and rewarding job to play. They are capable of quickly and effectively buffing their allies while regenerating their health. Astrologians are great for players who want to be flexible in their support strategies and who enjoy the randomness and challenge of constantly making decisions in the moment. Their fast-paced playstyle requires quick target swapping and a good understanding of the cards they draw. With the right cards and the right timing, Astrologians can make a huge impact in any battle.

Weapon: Orb
Where can I unlock the Astrologian?
: Ishgard, Buttress (X: 15.2 / Y: 10.0)
NPC: Jaunequinal
Class Quest: Call of Destiny
Requirements: Own the Heavensward expansion and have completed the main scenario of A Realm Reborn.


  • Flexible support abilities which can be tailored to any party composition
  • Fast-paced and interactive playstyle
  • Randomness of cards creates a dynamic experience
  • Ability to buff different roles with different cards
  • Can draw and redraw cards for maximum effect


  • Requires Heavensward expansion and Lv. 50 character
  • Busy and random nature of cards can be difficult to manage
  • Cards are based on luck, so some decisions must be made in the moment
  • Requires a lot of target swapping to get the desired effect

White Mage - TIER S
The White Mage job in Final Fantasy XIV is a powerful and beginner-friendly healer job. It is the only healer job available from character creation, and its kit is simple and accessible. White Mages specialize in using holy aetheric energy to mend wounds and smite foes, and boast high up-front potency on both its main damage and healing spells. They also generate a resource known as "Lilies" to gain access to more powerful tools. White Mages are best suited for reactive healing, and they play a bit slower-paced, making them accessible to pick up and get going. However, White Mages have the most issues with maintaining their MP above a level that lets them continually string casts together, so good White Mages need to be aware of their gear and understand their kit to be able to function effectively in endgame content.

How to Pick and Unlock FFXIV Healer Job Classes?

Weapon: Magic Wand
where to unlock white mage?
Location: Old Gridania (X: 6.0 / Y: 10.6)
NPC: Ursumitis
Class Quest: Guardian of Traditions
Requirements: Base Class Druid at level 30 and complete all class quests


  • High burst healing potential
  • Simple and beginner-friendly kit
  • High on-demand healing
  • Full-HP top-up skill
  • High personal DPS
  • Good damage-wise after Shadowbringers rework


  • Little party utility
  • Limited mitigation capabilities
  • Issues with maintaining MP

Sage - TIER S
The Sage job in Final Fantasy XIV is a barrier healer that specializes in preventative measures such as shielding and mitigation. The job requires a character at Level 70 and the Endwalker expansion to play. The Sage uses Kardia Icon Kardia to passively heal the partnered party member each time a damage spell is cast and has a focus on maintaining high GCD uptime. Addersgall is the resource used to heal and restore MP, and must be spent at regular intervals to avoid wasting any. The job excels at staying on top of the situation but struggles to recover from bad situations. With a little planning, its powerful abilities can effortlessly trivialize many healing checks.

Weapon: Norris
Location: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.4 / Y:12.9)
NPC: The Woman from the North
Class Quest: The Whimsical Works of Wise Men
Prerequisites: Endwalker expansion pack and at least one fighter or mage class of level 70


  • High damage output
  • Ability to passively heal one party member
  • Strong preventative healing abilities with shielding and mitigation
  • Powerful abilities to trivialize many healing checks
  • Good resource management


  • Requires the Endwalker expansion
  • Low recovery potential
  • Must maintain high GCD uptime

Final Fantasy XIV offers a variety of healer jobs to choose from. Each healer has their own unique strengths and weaknesses and playstyle. Healers are responsible for keeping their party alive, and must be aware of the current situation in order to provide the best support. The most popular healer jobs are White Mage, Scholar, Astrologian, and Sage. White Mage is the classic healer, providing powerful heals and defensive buffs to keep your team alive. Scholar specializes in healing with a variety of powerful spells and a wide range of useful support abilities. Astrologian provides powerful healing with unique cards and unique abilities. Finally, Sage offer incredible group heal and support abilities, making them a great choice for players looking for a unique healing experience. Each healer has its own unique playstyle and is essential for clearing content and keeping your party alive.

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