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How to Pick and Unlock FFXIV Magical Ranged DPS Job Classes?

When it comes to ranged DPS roles in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), players have a variety of magical job classes to choose from. From the trusty Black Mage to the mesmerizing Summoner, each magical ranged DPS job has unique abilities and play styles that make them stand out. In this guide, we'll take a look at the most popular magical ranged DPS job classes in FFXIV and discuss what makes each one special. LOLTANK also provide tips on how to unlock each job class and provide pointers on how to get started with each one.

Summoner - TIER S

Summoners are a caster class that can create multiple magical allies, apply damage over time (DoT) spells, and even resurrect fallen allies. With the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion, Summoners will gain access to proper versions of primals Garuda, Titan, and Ifrit. Scholar is also unlocked as a hybrid job for Summoner players. DoTs will be removed, but the power of the new summons is still yet to be seen.


How to Pick and Unlock FFXIV Magical Ranged DPS Job Classes?


Weapon: Book

Where can I unlock Summoner?

Location: Limsa Lominsa, Lower Decks (X: 4.7 / Y: 11.4)

NPC: Tubilgame

Class Quest: Playing with Fire

Requirements: Level 30 base class Arcanist and complete all class quests



  • Summoner is one of the few non-healer classes with the ability to resurrect allies. 
  • Has the potential to do high damage with the right spell combinations. 
  • Can create multiple magical allies to assist in battle. 
  • Has access to Scholar Job when leveling up Summoner. 



  • Complex spell rotations and strategies can be difficult to master. 
  • Damage over time (DoT) spells will be removed in Endwalker. 
  • No guarantee that the new Summoner in Endwalker will be as strong as the current one.


Black Mage - TIER A

Black Mage is a Caster DPS job with a simple yet powerful rotation, focused around steady-state output with long, hard-hitting spells. It has no raid buffs but provides strong personal damage and the ability to utilize movement options like Triplecast Icon Triplecast and Xenoglossy Icon Xenoglossy. It takes experience to master Black Mage, but it can be very satisfying to get good at.



Weapon: Wand

where to unlock the black mage

Location: Nald Cloister, Ul'dah (X: 7.3 / Y: 12.4)

NPC: Yayak

Class Quest: Who Heard the Voice

Requirements: Base class Thaumaturge at level 30 and complete all class quests



  • High single-target damage output.
  • Flexible rotation with some built-in options for personal skill expression.
  • Easy rotation to pick up for newer players.
  • Movement options allow for better uptime.
  • Good personal mitigation tool (Manaward Icon Manaward).



  • Lacking in raid utility, providing no raid buffs or unique party utility.
  • Reliant on a resource (Polyglot) that can be difficult to manage in some fights.
  • Intimidating or difficult to translate the rotation to actual fights for newer players.
  • Longer cast times than other ranged DPS jobs.


Red mage - TIER B

Red Mage is a DPS class released with the Stormblood expansion, starting at level 50. Its rotation revolves around alternating spell casts to build Black and White Mana, then spending that mana to execute powerful Enchanted melee combos. It stands out for its excellent utility which includes unique party buffs and clutch recovery spells, such as Magick Barrier, Verraise and Vercure. Red Mage is an intuitive job that is easy to learn and great for beginners, but it also has a high level of optimization available for those who enjoy a higher skill ceiling.



Weapon: Rapier

Where can I unlock the Red Mage?

Location: Ul'dah, Dale Cross (X:14.1 / Y:11.7)

NPC: Desperate Girl

Class Quest: Traveling Red Mage

Prerequisites: Own the Stormblood expansion pack and at least one level 50 job


Blue mages - TIER B

Blue Mage is a unique, non-traditional combat Job in Final Fantasy XIV with several restrictions. Its free-form gameplay, distinct mechanics, and unconventional progression make it worth a try. You can learn spells from enemies by seeing them cast the spell against you, then view and equip them in your Blue Magic Spellbook. There isn't really a proper attack rotation or opener in the traditional sense like with other DPS Jobs, but you will eventually have a handful of spells to play Blue Mage optimally.  It is unknown if he is trustworthy or just a con artist looking to make FFXIV GIL.



Weapon: Rapier

Where can I unlock the Red Mage?

Location: Limsa Lominsa,Lower Decks (X:9.9/ Y:11.0)

NPC: Zealous Yellowjacket

Class Quest: The Ultimate Weapon

Prerequisites: Blue Mage level 50



  • Unique Job with unconventional progression and mechanics
  • Ability to learn spells from enemies
  • Does not require a proper attack rotation or opener
  • Fun and goofy story



  • Limited Job with several restrictions
  • Can't progress through main story quests or queue in Duty as normal
  • No traditional attack rotation or opener to speak of



In this guide, we've taken a look at the most popular magical ranged DPS job classes in FFXIV. From the hard-hitting Black Mage to the enigmatic Summoner, each job class has its own play style and unique abilities. With the right knowledge and dedication, players will be able to unlock and enjoy each of these magical ranged DPS jobs in no time. With practice, you can master them all and become a powerful force in any fight.

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