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Diablo 4 Important Materials and Currency Guides

Diablo 4 has brought a whole new level of crafting and materials to the game. There is a variety of crafting materials to be found while adventuring, fighting monsters, and even simply walking around. Each material has a different purpose, and players can find various artisans who can help them use these materials.

There are a total of 23 materials and 3 currencies in Diablo 4. Materials are broken down into various categories, such as herbs, monster parts, ores, skins, and salvage materials. Some materials, such as Yellow Wine, can be found almost anywhere, while others, such as Angel Breath, are rarer. Fiend Rose can only be found during Heart of Darkness events, while some end-game activities can offer unique crafting materials.


Diablo 4 Important Materials and Currency Guides


Diablo 4 has made it much easier to collect materials with the new auto-pickup feature. Now, when you walk over herbs, ore, monster parts, skins, and other materials, they will automatically be picked up for you. However, you will still need to manually pick up items that take up inventory space, such as equipment and gems. All of the materials are stored in a separate section of your inventory, and they don't take up any space.


Monster Drop materials 

Monster parts drop from certain monsters and are used for crafting elixirs and upgrading potions. Ores are also common and can be found just about anywhere. Scattered Prisms are rare materials that drop from world bosses and treasure chests. They are the only material that can add sockets to items.

Skins and salvage materials can drop from creatures and armor and weapons can be salvaged for them. Legendary craft materials come from salvaging legendary jewelry, armor, and weapons. 



The Alchemist is a great resource for creating potions and elixirs, while the Blacksmith can help with salvaging and upgrading items. The Jeweler is perfect for adding sockets and gems to your gear, and the Occultist specializes in enchanting items and crafting legendaries.

Alchemists are also able to upgrade healing potions every 10 levels or so, making them more powerful. Additionally, elixirs can be crafted that give bonus stats, extra resistances, and even 3% extra experience for 30 minutes.


Baleful Fragments

Baleful Fragments are used to upgrade legendary weapons and can be obtained by salvaging or by farming world bosses.


Forgotten Soul

This rare material is found in the game's health hide event and is used to enchant items. Developers have stated that the cost of enchanting items will be significant, so players will want to make sure they have plenty of Forgotten Souls on hand. 


Whale Crystals

This material is found by salvaging rare items and is used for enchanting and blacksmith upgrades. Although it is more common than Forgotten Souls, players should still be mindful of how many Whale Crystals they are accumulating.


Vital Powder

This is found by salvaging Night Messages and is used to craft essentials. Players can use the Vital Powder to craft higher-level items or to repurpose items they may not like.



Diablo 4 Gold is the primary currency in the game, and is used to craft legendary items, purchase items from vendors, and more. Players should be aware that gold can fluctuate, and try to save as much as possible. 


Murmuring Ovals

These are found in event chests and are used to gamble for item parts. Players should note that the items they get will be random, so there is no guarantee of what they will get. 


Red Dust

This is a PvP resource found in pop zones. Players can use the dust to get cosmetic rewards, such as armor sets and mounts. 

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