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Best Poe Currency Items Farming Maps in Sanctum League

Path of Exile is an incredibly popular free-to-play action role-playing game, and one of the most common activities players partake in is farming. Farming involves playing through certain maps in order to gain rewards such as Poe currency, crafting items, or experience points. With such a wide variety of maps available in Path of Exile, it can be difficult to determine which maps are the best for farming. In this article, LOLTANK Johnny discuss some of the best farming maps in Path of Exile and how to make the most of them.



The Best Path of Exile maps of patch 3.20 is Mesa Boundary, Dunes, Strand, Toxic Sewer, Crimson Temple, and Defiled Cathedral. These maps offer great synergy with the sanctum mechanic, loot specific to the map, agency over alters, synergy with past league mechanics, character strengths and weaknesses, and adjacent maps.


Best Poe Currency Items Farming Maps in Sanctum League


Mesa Boundary

The first map we want to discuss is Mesa Boundary. This is the best choice for those looking to maximize their agency over eldritch alters. It's also great for expeditions as you can quickly run to the map boss and have them dead without killing any other monsters.


Dunes and Strand

These are both great for atlas mechanics synergy. Dunes is ideal for Legion and City Square is perfect for Metamorph, while Strand is ideal for Breach and Abyss.


Toxic Sewer

This is great on righteous fire builds, as well as other builds that utilize tight corridors. It's also great on builds that use a teleport move skill like Flame Dash as it gives you plenty of room to move.


Crimson Temple or Defiled Cathedral

These are great for those looking to farm the Apothecary divination card, as they both have access to the Seven Years Bad Luck card which is about 8 times as common as the Apothecary.


Seven Years Bad Luck

there are other cards that can give exciting drops but just aren't worth as much. Cards such as The Doctor, The Nurse, and the Patient, Unrequited Love, Garish Power, The Academic, The Fiend, Wealth and Power, and Divine Op cards all come with their own rewards, but they are much rarer than the Apothecary and Seven Years Bad Luck, so they don't add as much value to each monster killed. Divine Orb cards, on the other hand, are much less rewarding. While you can increase the number of monsters on a map to increase the chances of getting an Apothecary, you can't do that with Divine Beauty or Sephiroth. Furthermore, research has shown that divination scarabs don't increase the chances of getting these boss-specific drops.



Path of Exile offers a wide variety of farming maps for players to choose from, and each one offers different rewards and challenges. By analyzing the map layouts, rewards, and difficulty levels, players can decide which maps are best for their playstyle and goals. With the right approach and dedication, these maps can be incredibly lucrative for those looking to farm in Path of Exile. With all of this in mind, you should have a better idea of the best maps to farm in Path of Exile. No matter what build or atlas you use, you should be able to find the right map for you to farm for the best rewards.

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