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How to Making ESO Gold Guides For New Player?

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is an incredibly popular MMORPG with a rapidly growing player base. As the game continues to evolve and attract new players, it's no surprise that many of these new players find themselves in need of expensive items and materials to upgrade their gear and to use as consumables. Unfortunately, for many of these new players, the only means of obtaining Eso gold comes from game-generated sources, such as selling off junk to merchants or looting coins off of mobs in the overworld. This can take an eternity to be able to afford the items that are necessary, which is why trading in ESO is of utmost importance. 



How to Making ESO Gold Guides For New Player?


The in-game economy is intricately tied to the guild system in ESO. To be able to sell items on the ESO market, one must join a guild that owns a guild trader. By listing up to 30 items per guild, other players will have the opportunity to access the store and purchase the items. It can be daunting to see the expensive price tags of various items, but if you actively participate in the trading scene, then these prices become more manageable. Those who choose not to trade in ESO and not seek to earn valuable wares are the ones that get impacted the most by these increasing prices. 


It's important to debunk the misconception that earning gold in ESO is completely separate from killing things. While you can earn valuable items passively, there are a lot of opportunities to earn valuable items by killing things. This can be done through daily crafting writs, alliance points, Tel Var stones, motifs, veteran dungeons, and looting nodes and containers across the world. 


Crafting writs

To become certified, one must speak to Meleneth and Danel Tellano and complete their quests. Upon completion, one will be able to pick up crafting quests from the writ boards once each day. These quests ask you to craft items relevant to your current progression in the assortment of existing crafting skill lines. As you advance your skill line, you'll be able to sync skill points into upgrading your crafting proficiency to receive better rewards. Not only do you receive gold, but also materials relevant to the writ, as well as master writs and surveys. 



Surveys are wonderful and can be done by newer players. When you receive a survey, a cluster of resource-rich nodes are added to a specific location. The survey itself gives clues as to where to find this location, but you can consult add-ons or online resources to tell you exactly where a survey location is. It's advised to complete surveys on characters that have their crafting skill lines maxed out to earn the most valuable resources. 


On the topic of resource surveys, you can also just straight up farm materials whenever you'd like. Material nodes are scattered all throughout Tamriel, although they are much more bountiful in some areas over others. It's best to devise a route that you can then follow in locations that have high node densities to be most efficient with your time. Node spawn timers are affected by the player population in a given zone and they also share spawn timers with other nodes, meaning that many of the spawn locations won't produce a material until some other material at some other node has been harvested. This makes starter zones ideal material farming locations as they're full of players. 



trading in ESO is incredibly important for new players, as it allows them to purchase the items and materials necessary to progress in the game. There are a variety of beginner-friendly gold strategies such as daily crafting writs, alliance points, Tel Var stones, motifs, veteran dungeons, and resource surveys. Material farming is an incredibly accessible gold-making method, as it requires just running around and harvesting any materials that you find. The starter zones are ideal material farming locations as they're full of players and have high node densities.



Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a great way to make some extra gold. As you level up your crafting skill lines, you'll unlock the ability to research traits for gear and craft consumables, gear, and even gear sets. Consumables, such as potions and foods, can be crafted from ingredients found in Provisioning and Alchemy. Recipes for these are often obtained during in-game events. Crafting gear requires you to have researched traits in order to create it. You can research traits by destroying gear and researching at a crafting station. After learning a certain number of traits, you can craft gear from sets. This can be done at an attunable crafting station, which can be found in the crafting hall of your guild, or at a regular crafting station in the overworld.


DLC Zone Dailies

participating in DLC Zone Dailies is a good option for newer players. These tasks are assigned by NPCs in various zones and can involve killing a world boss, finding items in a delve, or completing world events. Rewards for these quests include style materials, gear from the zone, and furnishing plans. Daily reward coffers from post-Southern Elsweyr zones have a cooldown of 20 hours after receiving a motif, so be mindful of that when opening them.



ESO events are also great for making gold. These tasks are easy to complete, and rewards can include money, style materials, and motifs. Seasonal events like the New Life Festival and Witches Festival involve completing simple quests in base game zones. Selling event-related items is a great way to make quick gold, but holding onto them for later can lead to more gold. Finally, remember that ESO has a curated loot system, so you may not always get the rewards you want.



For example, if you have yet to collect a Mother's Sorrow Inferno Staff, you can deliberately ensure that you never do. You can collect all of the other less expensive pieces of gear from Deshaan until the only thing that you have not collected from this zone is the Mother Sorrow Inferno Staff. Now, anytime you kill an enemy that can drop weapons in this zone, such as a world boss, you'll receive that staff, and you can now sell that staff for a fair amount of gold. 


There are tons of opportunities to employ this strategy with zone gear. A couple of other examples would be Frostbite weapons in Blackwood or Mad Tin weapons in Vardenfell, Briarheart weapons in Rothgar, House Hlaalu Skier in the Deadlands, etc. As you become a more experienced player, you will also find opportunities to employ this strategy in dungeons, trials, and arenas and be able to sell gear from these instances to willing buyers. 


Tamriel Trade Center

If you're ever unsure about whether or not an item is valuable, you can look up that item on Tamriel Trade Center (TTC). Even if you're playing on a console, you can use this site as a tool for reference. TTC is a great resource that allows PC players to locate items on the market and see the current listings for an item. If you look up the piece of gear that you just received, you can take a look at what others are listing that item for. If you see a bunch of very low values, then you can presume that it's not valuable, and it's safe to deconstruct. But if you see some values that impress you, then maybe it's best to sell that item and potentially receive it again from an overland drop rather than binding it.

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