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Making 380K+ Elder Scrolls Online Gold an Hour in 2023

How to make 380K+ gold an hour in the Elder Scrolls Online in 2023. This is a guide for PvP players who don't have the time or resources to craft, grind, or farm. LOLTANK will be taking advantage of the inflated economy in PCNA and the high price of drew wax to make Eso gold



Making 380K+ Elder Scrolls Online Gold an Hour in 2023


Download the Harvest Map

First, you need to download the Harvest Map add-on from This add-on will help you find the most efficient farming routes to get the resources you need. Once you have the add-on installed, you will need to enable tracking and filter the resource spawn to show clothing, lumberjack, and mining materials. 


Champion Points 

you need to open your Champion Points and go to the green tree. You should make sure you have the Master Gatherer, Plentiful Harvest, Gifted Rider, and Meticulous Disassembly passives unlocked. These will increase your efficiency when gathering and refining materials. 


Go to Belkarth and start farming

You will want to keep an eye out for Ancestor Silk, which can be sold for 45,000 gold per unit. You can also keep an eye out for Potent Nurn Crux and Fortified Nurn Crux which can sell for 75,000 gold and 10,000 gold respectively. With these passives unlocked, you can expect to farm about 350-400 Ancestor Silk in 15 minutes. After refining the materials, you should get about two to three drawn wax per disassembly. 


Daily Writs

You can also take advantage of daily writs to get additional drew wax. Remember, the daily writs are not capped per account, so you can do them on each of your characters to increase your chances of getting drew wax. 


Crown Store

The ratio is 1200 gold for 1 real money crown crate. This means that you can spend 6 million gold to acquire 45 dollars worth of items in ESO.  let's compare the real-life cost of gold to the Crown Store: 8 dollars and fifty cents will buy you six million gold, while 5,000 Crowns is approximately 45 real-life money and will also buy you six million gold. As you can see, the Crown Store has marked up the value of their Crowns by approximately 600 percent.

Therefore, the best way to get gold is to buy it from other players in-game. You will have to take the risk of being scammed, but the risk is likely to be much lower than buying from the Crown Store.


Farm Drew Wax

This is a free, fast, and efficient method for getting gold. You can get 5 million gold in an hour, plus bonuses for farming a bell kartha and pokemon cards.


Farm with tempering alloys

You can also farm with tempering alloys, which will yield 20k per hour. This is half as efficient as farming Drew Wax, but still a good way to make extra gold.


Sell  Ancestor  Silk

You can sell ancestor silk for 15k per stack to make even more gold.



By following this guide, you will be able to make gold faster and more efficiently in Elder Scrolls Online. Good luck and happy farming!

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