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Exploring Guild Wars 2 Patch Review Season Highlights

Patch review season is in full swing with the launch of the new map and story in Guild Wars 2. There's plenty to explore and discover, with rewards for both PvE and World versus World players. The new map also introduces a full set of Luxon Hunters weapons and some cool Disney-themed skins.



Exploring Guild Wars 2 Patch Review Season Highlights



In addition to the new map, ArenaNet has also added two new reward tracks for PvE and World versus World. They've also added a pistol skin that looks similar to the classic gun from Dead Space, as well as a brand new legendary weapon the Su-1 which can be obtained by completing the meta events at the end of the Dragon's Reach map.



To make things even better, ArenaNet has made it easier to obtain Ritualist and Dragon's attributes on all stat-selectable gear. This is a huge quality-of-life improvement, especially for players who want to play certain builds such as Specter, as it was previously quite difficult to obtain Ritualist gear.


New booster for Jade Turtle

The game has also added a new booster for the Jade Turtle that improves its energy consumption and ammo regeneration. Additionally, for a limited period of time, players can trade basic materials for free Black Lion Goods at the Black Lion Trading Company in Lion's Arch. Doing so will also complete an achievement that rewards players with five Black Lion Statuettes, two Black Lion Mini Claim Tickets, three Black Lion Boosters, and one Black Lion Claim Ticket.


Balance changes

The new expansion has also brought some balance changes to the game. Reaper's shout skills now have a range of 240 instead of 130, and the unblockable stacks from Nothing Can Save You have been increased from 10 to 20. Additionally, a new graphics setting, environment zone intensity, has been added that can help reduce particle effects and improve performance. 


World vs. World

World vs. World has also seen some changes in this expansion. Stone shards have been nerfed, and keeps and towers have been buffed. Additionally, more weekly achievements have been added, which can reward players with World vs. World war potions. These can be exchanged for tickets, giving players a chance at receiving even more rewards. 


Zero to Hero series

Players now have access to the Zero to Hero series. This series is designed to help players progress to an expert level, with the first episode explaining how to get started with the game. Players will also be able to unlock exclusive rewards as they complete episodes. 


Final Thought

The new Guild Wars 2 expansion provides an exciting array of content and features. With the addition of the Black Lion Trading Company and balance changes, players can now enjoy a more stabilized economy, as well as gain access to more rewards. The Zero to Hero series is also a great way for players to become expert-level players. With plenty of new content to explore, Guild Wars 2 is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.

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