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Best Ways for PVE and PVP Farming ESO Gold

The Elder Scrolls Online is an expansive and immersive MMORPG experience filled with opportunities to earn Eso gold. In this guide, LOLTANK will cover the best methods for acquiring gold in ESO, from daily writs to material farming and professions. We will also cover the best methods specifically for PvP players, such as alliance points and Telvar Stone farming.



Best Ways for PVE and PVP Farming ESO Gold


Joining a trading guild

First and foremost, joining a trading guild is essential for a successful gold-making venture. The best locations for trading guilds are Vivec City and Varenfell, Mornhold, and Deshaan, and Rawl'kha and Reaper's March. These areas provide quick access to all guild traders and bring in the highest incomes across all guilds in ESO.


Daily writs

PC players should download the Lazy Writ Crafter add-on to make the process faster and easier. This is more of a late-game method, as it requires you to have multiple characters with leveled-up crafting skills. Craft your writs, turn them in, and receive golden materials. Material surveys are also great for this purpose, as they provide a ton of raw materials that can be sold for gold or used in refinement.


Material farming

Material farming is a very consistent gold farm, with predictable drop rates. Our Guides that cover the best material farms in the game. They include hiding farming and the absolute meta of material farming, which can yield up to 600-700K an hour on PC.



This is a great method for making gold, as long as you understand the math behind it. Pick a crafting skill (alchemy, enchanting, or provisioning) and level it to the max, making sure to get all the passives that boost creation amount and duration. The end game of professions is gear crafting, requiring a character with extensive research on equipment.


Motif farming

Every zone has daily quests that provide coffers that can drop purple motifs, which typically sell for a decent amount.


Skyreach Catacombs

People will pay a lot of gold for a carry to level them up faster than any other method in the game, so make sure you have a good build and understanding of this group dungeon.


For PvP players farming Gold

The first method is alliance points. Gather alliance points by playing in Cyrodiil, killing other players, or capturing objectives. These points can be used to purchase elite gear pieces, such as Plague, Vicious Death, and Alessine.


The second method is Telvar Stone farming. Form a small group of decent players and take on zone bosses for the most stones. Telvar Stones can be used to purchase items at the traders in the sewer base of each alliance.


Now head out and start making some gold! With the knowledge you have gained here, you are well on your way to earning the gold you need to become a successful ESO player.

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