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Crafting Divine Orbs in Path of Exile: Strategies to Craft Poe Currency in Under 20 Minutes

Divine Orbs are one of the most sought-after items in Path of Exile due to their ability to re-roll rare items with new random modifiers. Crafting Divine Orbs can be a daunting task, but there are a few strategies that can help you make multiple Divines in under 20 minutes. In this guide, LOLTANK will cover strategies you can use to craft Divines in Path of Exile.



Crafting Divine Orbs in Path of Exile: Strategies to Craft Poe Currency in Under 20 Minutes


Brass Dome

Brass Dome is one of many unique items that can be traded for three copies of an Uncorrupted item, giving you a new version of that item. The biggest thing to look out for with Brass Domes is the one to five roll of max res. A one max res roll for a Brass Dome is about 45 to 75 chaos, whereas a five percent roll is 4 to 5 Divines. You can also take into consideration sockets and links when crafting Brass Domes.



Venter is a unique item that can be traded for three copies of a Reduced item, giving you two new versions of that item. Ventures have a huge range of variants which can mean more Divines. Trading Ventures three to one Reduced can give you divines for only one chaos each.


Mirror Arrow

If you find a Mirror Arrow gem of level 20 quality, you can use an Alteration Orb to change it to Blink Arrow. Blink Arrow is a far more commonly used gem and can be sold for 5-10 chaos each. This strategy is very easy and only costs one Alteration Orb.



Buying three Barracks Pass, Barrack Script, and Spite Barracks can give you a Taming ring. Taming rings have all res, elemental image, shockers, ignite, and a lot of flat damage which make it a very popular ring even at the start of a league. You can buy three of these items for a total of 150 chaos and then assemble them for 10-15 chaos, giving you a profit of 143 chaos.


Endless Misery

Buy Victario's Ignominy, Will of the Council, and Deadly End for a total of 187 chaos. Assembling them will give you Power of Ordeals which is worth around 330 chaos, giving you a 143 chaos profit.


Gem Craft

You can buy any gem from Lily at level one and then use a Gemcutter's Prism (GCP) to make it level one with 20 quality. Using GCPs on a Second Wind Support, Discharge, and Conch Effect gem will give you Endless Misery which can be very expensive. At the start of a league, these gems can be upwards of 195-250 chaos each.


Dead Reckoning

Buy a Replica Bitter Dream, Fire Pen, Cold Pen, and Lightning Pen (all level 20 with no quality) and assemble them for a total of 45 chaos. You will get Elemental Penetration which is worth 95 chaos. You can even get up to a divine if you level and quality the gem up.


Alternate Quality Elemental Penetration

Using a Regretting Lens on the previous Dead Reckoning recipe will give you an Alternate Quality Elemental Penetration gem. These gems are very rare and there are only two of them in the entire league, with nine divines each.


Replica Bitter Dream

If you find a Replica Bitter Dream and use a Regretting Lens on it, you will get a jewel with an alternate quality. This jewel has an increased effect of ailments by supporting skills. There are only two of them in the entire league and if you use a Regretting Lens on it, you will have one of the only ones on the market.


Force Leveling Awakened Gems

Force Leveling Awakened Gems is a great way to make a lot of Poe currency quickly in Path of Exile. This method involves using Wild Bramblesack to increase the level of Awakened Gems, which can be sold for a significant markup.


To get started, you will need four Wild Bramblesack, which cost around 20 chaos each. Place the gem you want to level up in the center slot of your inventory, and then slot the four Wild Bramblesack around it. Activate the Wild Bramblesack and the gem will level up, increasing its value significantly.


If you're lucky, you may even find a gem that levels up to level 6, which can be sold for up to 5 Divine Orbs. Keep in mind that while this method is very profitable, it also has some risks involved. Volatile Orbs and Blessed Orbs can decrease the level or quality of the gem, so it's important to be aware of this before using them.


With these strategies, you can craft Divines in Path of Exile in under 20 minutes. Make sure to take advantage of the market conditions and prices to maximize your profits. Good luck and happy crafting!

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