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Quickly Way to Get Guild Wars 2 Exotic Equipment for Level 80

There are three main kinds of Guild Wars 2 Gear for level 80 characters: Exotic, Ascended, and Legendary. Exotic gear is soul bound, meaning once it is equipped on a character, it can only be used on that character. Ascended and Legendary gear are the same stat-wise but Ascended gear is easier to acquire. For this guide, LOLTANK will focus on Exotic and some Ascended options, as they are the quickest and most accessible way to get Guild Wars 2 geared up. 



Quickly Way to Get Guild Wars 2 Exotic Equipment for Level 80



There are a few easy options to get good Exotic armor. 

  • The first is to buy an Exotic armor piece from the Trading Post. Look for the named armor options and avoid the ones with stats in their name. These will be much more expensive. 
  • Option two is to get the Bladed Armor from the Heart of Thorns expansion. This armor requires the map currency and the Itzel Language Mastery, so you can talk to the frog vendors. You can also get the full set of armor in one box by reaching level 4 participation in the map's meta event. This armor is great because you can select the stats you want.
  • Option three is the Warlord Armor, which can be acquired by completing the PvP or WvW reward track. You just make it your active reward track and grind away. It requires you to get bronze-level chest participation each week in WvW and PvP. 

It will take some time to get the full set, but it's ideal for those who love competitive game modes. As a bonus, there is also the Ice Golem's Helmet from the Trading Post, the Ebon Vanguard Shoulders, and the Mistward Armor set, which can be acquired from later content.



This is probably the hardest part of gearing up. 

  • The easiest option is to search for Exotic weapons on the Trading Post and try to go for the less expensive ones. You can also filter by stats. Both of these weapons come with their own Sigil, which is an upgrade enhancement for weapons, similar to how Runes work for armor.
  • Another option is to get the weapon by unlocking a new specialization. These come with predetermined stats, so they might not have the one you want. 
  • Another way is to do the Night of the Thorns achievement quest, which is unlocked after the Heart of Thorns expansion story is completed. You'll have a task list to complete, and you can choose any of the Ascended weapons below, and you can also select your stats. 
  • You can also search for the Iron Legion Weapons on the Trading Post. These are from content related to the Icebrood Saga. If yours isn't listed, you can get the whole set by doing the first three Strikes from the Icebrood Saga. These Strikes drop Crystals, which can be traded for Ascended weapons. The weapons don't have all the stat options, but the Armor does.



One of the most important aspects of gearing up is getting the right Sigils for your weapon. Sigils are special runes that give your weapon special effects such as increased damage or healing. You can purchase Sigils from the Trading Post and equip them on your weapon. If your weapon already has a Sigil, the new one will destroy and replace it. 



The next step is to get trinkets for your character. These are rings, accessories, amulets, and back pieces. It is best to get ascended trinkets, as it is not worth getting exotics for these. You can purchase trinkets from a Laurel Merchant for 40 laurels, or from the Living World season 3 maps. These maps require a map currency, so you can purchase items from the vendor. You can also get trinkets from the Dragonfall map in Living World season 4, by completing 10 events on the map. 



Rings can also be purchased from the Laurel Merchant for 35 laurels each. However, it might be better to do something else on the side to quickly save time. Fractals are a great way to earn Guild Wars 2 Gold, and they drop so many materials and items that you can't sell on the Trading Post. Completing the tier 1 and tier 2 fractals should be easy, and you can purchase rings from the fractal lobby with Pristine Fractal Relics.


Exotic celestial gear

Finally, you can use a level 80 boost to quickly get access to full exotic celestial gear. This is a controversial option, however, as it does skip a lot of the content and experience that you would normally get by playing the game. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.


Final Thought

Gearing up to level 80 in Guild Wars 2 can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies and dedication, you can quickly get the best gear and upgrades for your character.

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