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Top 19 Old-School Runescape Items Obtain and Upgrade Guides

Welcome to guide for the 19 essential items for Old School Runescape. Old School Runescape is a classic game that has stood the test of time and remains popular today. As players progress in the game, there are many things that they must do in order to progress and be successful. This guide will list and explain 19 essential items for your account, regardless of how far you are into the game. 



Top 19 Old-School Runescape Items Obtain and Upgrade Guides


Dramen Staff

After completing the Lunar Diplomacy quest, players can obtain the Dramen Staff, which transforms into the Lunar Staff. The Lunar Staff is necessary to use the Fairy Rings to travel around the world. After completing the Elite Lumbridge Diary, the Dramen Staff is no longer necessary.


Holy Wrench

This item is given to players after finish the Pirate Quest called Rum Deal. When players drink Prayer potions, Super Restores or Saradomin Brews, the Wrench gives extra prayer points depending on their level and the type of potion. The Wrench is also needed to imbue a Ring of the Gods.


Barrows Gloves

After completing the Recipe for Disaster quest, players are rewarded with the iconic Barrows Gloves. These Gloves are the second best in slot to the Ferocious Gloves, the Zaros Bracelet, and the Tormented Bracelet for Melee, Ranged, and Magic respectively.



After completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest, players are given the Ectophial. This item teleports players directly north of Port Phasmatys. It is an excellent teleport location early in the game and can be used for activities such as Grimy Herbs and Clue Scroll solving.


Special Attack Weapons

Having special attack weapons in the bank is essential for Slayer, Questing, Bossing, and more. Melee offers the biggest variety of special attack weapons followed by Ranged and then Magic. The Light Bearer was recently added to the game and it doubles the special attack regeneration.


Salve Amulet

After completing the Haunted Mine quest, players can obtain the Salve Amulet. When worn, it increases the Attack and Strength by 16 when fighting undead monsters. After completing the mini-quest to Tarn's Lair, the Amulet can be enchanted to increase the bonus up to 20. It can also be imbued to turn it into a Salve Amulet (ei) for Ranged and Magic.


Magic Secateurs

After completing the Fairy Tale Part 1 and Fairy Tale Part 2 quests, players can obtain the Magic Secateurs. The Secateurs are necessary to damage the Tangle Root during the quest and also in the Nightmare Zone. Equipping the Secateurs before every farming trip will increase the yield from patches such as Herbs, Allotments, and Hops.


Fire Cape

The Fire Cape is the second best in slot cape item for the Melee style. It is necessary for the Inferno Cape upgrade, as players need to sacrifice one to access the Inferno, a Clue Scroll step, and a backup cape.



After completing the quest Animal Magnetism, you can get an Office Accumulator which will sometimes retrieve your Ranging ammunition. To get the most out of it, make sure to turn off the option that has you picking up random metal items when walking around. After completing Dragon Slayer 2, you can get the Workouts Head and take it to Ava, along with extra payments, to upgrade it to an Office Assembler. The passive effect for this device is much stronger and you will stop seeing ammo on the ground, as you will either retrieve it or it will be lost.


God Capes

After completing the Mage Arena 2, you can get an imbued version of the God Cape which provides bonus damage when training combat through magic and is the best in slot magic cape item in the game. Additionally, the god capes from the Mourner's give you a slightly higher magic accuracy. 


Royal Seed Pod

After completing Monkey Madness 1, you can get a Royal Seed Pod. This item is a one-click teleport that works up to level 30, while other one click teleports only work up to level 20. It is a fantastic item to take into the wilderness.


Skilling Outfits

There are a variety of skilling outfits you can find in the game. They are useful for either bonus experience when training their respective skill or for a special passive effect relevant to the skill the outfit is tied to. Even after 99, some of these outfits are still used for clue scrolls.


Achievement Diary Items

After completing different tiers of combat achievements, up to elite, you can obtain certain items, like the Baroque Armor acts as a prospector body for the mining scaling outfit. Some of these items are incredibly useful, like the Kandarin Headgear, which acts as an unlimited light source.


Arc Light

After completing the Dwarf Cannon quest, you can get an Arc Light which is incredibly powerful against demon type monsters. You will need to charge it with Ancient Shards obtained from monsters at the Catacombs of Kourend.


Rune Pouch

The Rune Pouch can be purchased with Slayer points and can hold up to 3 runes. By attaching a Thread of Atiesh from the Tombs of the Menaphites, you will instead be able to carry four types of runes.


Bone Crusher

After completing the Hard Morytania Diary, you can obtain a Bone Crusher which will be charged when in your inventory. Once you kill a monster that drops bones, it will use up a charge to give you half the prior experience. If you complete the Elite Morytania Diary, you will gain the Bones of Full Experience.


Ash Sanctifier

After completing the Hardcore Morytania Diary, you can obtain an Ash Sanctifier from Tis near the Dark Altar. You will charge this item with Death Runes and each one will provide 10 charges. It will auto scatter Ashes when you kill demon type monsters who drop ashes on death.


Slayer Helmet

After unlocking the reward called Malevolent Masquerade with any Slayer Master for 400 points, you can make a Slayer Helmet. You will need all wearable slayer items for your head, along with an enchanted gem. Remember to imbue the black mask for the effect to also work with ranged magic.


POH Furniture

After getting your Construction level high enough, you should fill your POH with relevant furniture. This includes a Portal Nexus, an Ornate Pool of Rejuvenation, a Jewelry Box, Spirit Trees Fairy Ring Combination, and a Wilderness Obelisk. This will make your POH the number one stop before and after almost everything you do in the game.


These are just some of the essential items that Old School Runescape players should have in their arsenal. By having these items in your inventory, you will be able to progress through the game more quickly and efficiently.

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