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ESO Dark ELF Magicka Sorcerer PVP Build

The Elder Scrolls Online features a powerful and versatile class known as the Sorcerer. With the ability to summon and control weather phenomena, hurl lightning bolts and create electrified fields, summon tornadoes and impenetrable fog, and call upon Daedric forces, Sorcerers are well-equipped to wreak havoc. Players can choose to specialize in one of the three distinct class skills, which can be further customized according to staff elements. With such deep customization options, players can create unique builds to suit their playstyle. This guide is about building a Dark Elf Magicka Sorcerer for PvP.  LOLTANK will go over how to allocate stats, what sets to use, and which abilities to use to maximize the build's effectiveness.


ESO Dark ELF Magicka Sorcerer PVP Build



We will be dumping all of our points into Stamina for this build. For gear, we will be using the Smoked Bear Haunch set and for our Mundus Stone, we will be selecting the Lover Mundus.



We will be running the Master's Perfected Dual Wield set, which will buff one of our abilities on the bar. This set will be combined with the Serpent and Vampire stages 3 sets to give us maximum weapon damage, resistances, and critical chance. For our monster set, we will be using Martial X, which will give us a line of Stamina and a conal disease damage effect in front of us. We will also be using one-piece Training and one-piece Drewes for our additional health bonuses. Lastly, we will be using Sea Vipers Coils as our Mythic item.



For our front bar, we will be using Crystal Weapon, Haunting Curse, Camouflaged Hunter, Rendering Slashes, and Streak. For our back bar, we will be using Dark Deal, Resolving Vigor, Critical Surge, Lightning Form, and LML Susceptibility. Our ultimate choices for this build will be Dawnbreaker Smithing for the front bar and Charge Ho for the back bar.



To execute the combo, you will start by applying lml susceptibility. Then, you can use rending to get the don Cameron stats effect. After that, you can use either curse or crystal weapons to activate both effects. Afterward, you can perform a medium attack weave and then activate marslex all at the same time.


Dawnbreaker finisher

If you want to add the Dawnbreaker finisher, you can activate Dawnbreaker during the combo and then execute the medium attack weave. Be aware that you must time the Curse application correctly to make sure the combo is successful.


Champion Points

the Champion Points that are recommended for the combo are Ironclad, Deadly Aim, Master Arms, Focus, Mending, Ryan's Survival Instincts, Sustained by Suffering, Fortified Balance of Vitality, Liquid Efficiency, Gifted Rider, and Steve's Blessing. These points are designed to maximize your effectiveness when performing the combo.


Final Thought

With this Magicka Sorcerer build, you can expect to have incredible damage output, survivability, and crowd-control capabilities. 

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