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Best Gold Makers for Each Skill in Old School RuneScape 2023

Old School RuneScape is a game that requires a lot of gold for progression, and making gold can be challenging, especially for new players. In this guide article, we will take a look at the best OSRS Gold makers for each skill in Old School RuneScape in 2023. That brings us to farming, which has a ton of ways to make gold with the skill. The most well-known and effective way to make gold while training farming is doing herb runs. You can get up to two million gold per hour while farming most herbs. Another method is creating saplings, which can earn you up to three or four million gold per hour, depending on the margins for the day. However, this method is very quick intensive and provides no experience.



Best Gold Makers for Each Skill in Old School RuneScape 2023


Combat Skills

The Tombs of a Mascot is currently the best gold maker for combat skills. It has been out for half a year, but it still remains the most profitable gold-making method in Old School RuneScape. The amount of gold that you can make with Tombs of a Mascot varies wildly based on your invocation level. If you are skilled enough to solo 500 raid level, you can currently earn up to around 20 million gold per hour.


Another noteworthy mention is Nex, which has been out for over a year, but it still remains the most consistent high-level gold maker in the game. It can earn you about 15 million gold per hour assuming you do it in a duo.


Prayer Skill

Historically, there has been no way to make gold with the prayer skill. However, that changed since the beginning of 2021 with the Shades of Morton rework. Nowadays, you're able to cremate shade remains to gain prayer experience, but also earn gold. The best option in this category is cremating Urium remains, which is the highest level shade and can earn you up to about 600k gold per hour. You can also get 60,000 prayer experience per hour, which is a notable amount and really the only way to make gold while actually training in prayer. The only drawback is that it requires 95 fire making to get started and is very click-intensive.


Magic Skill

The most profitable magic training method in the game for years has been the Tan Leather spell. It remains the most profitable training method in 2023. Casting the tan leather spell on black dehyde can earn you up to 1.3 million gold per hour while also getting you 130k magic experience per hour. This does have moderately high requirements, requiring 78 magic, the Lunar spellbook, and the Fremennik hard diary, but it is more than worth it if you want to train magic while making some gold.


Runecrafting Skill

Wrath Runes crafting is the highest grossing method and remains the same in 2023. It can earn you up to about 2 million gold per hour but has the highest requirement rune in the entire game, requiring 95 runecrafting and the completion of Dragon Slayer 2. However, the experience per hour from Wrath Runes has gone up a bit thanks to the removal of the delay when crafting runes, making it better runecraft training across the board.


Crafting Blood Runes is a similar option, earning about 1.7 million gold per hour, but it has a much lower requirement of only 77 runecrafting. Blood Runes have hit their floor price, which means they can't really go much lower, making the profitability of blood runecrafting relatively stable in the future.



Fletching is often considered a viable skill, but it can be very expensive. However, there are still ways to make gold with it. The most profitable, though inconsistent, method is fletching dragon bolts. You can easily earn over a million gold per hour by fletching ruby, dragon, bold diamond, and sapphire dragon bolts. The sapphire dragon bolt has become popularized by the new Phantom Muspa boss. You will need 84 fletching to craft these bolts, which is a pretty high level method. The one main drawback is the amount of bolts you can craft per hour exceeds the buying limit for the required items, which means you can only do this for around half an hour at a time. However, the effective hourly rates can be very lucrative, earning well over a million gold per hour.



Making gold with the slayer skill is incredibly popular, and the slayer monster that provides the most gold per hour hasn't changed since its release in 2019, which is the alchemical hydra. It still offers a ridiculous 3.5 to 4 million gold per hour, mainly due to its consistent resource drops. However, it has such a high requirement to kill, requiring 95 slayer to be able to attack it, on top of requiring a slayer task to kill it. So there are a lot of requirements, but if you can meet them all, then it's one of the best methods in the game, providing around 30k slayer experience per hour and competitive combat experience rates while making just a ton of gold.



Hunter is another skill that hasn't changed too much in the last couple of years. Assuming you don't keep getting PK'd every 10 minutes, you can earn over 800k gold per hour hunting Blockchain Champas. It requires a minimum of 80 hunter to get started and at higher levels, can provide up to 90k per hour experience, making it by far the best hunter method. It's just one that you know can get interrupted from a lot now.



The mining skill is one that doesn't get many updates, but one pretty big one that came back with the proof is the volcano. Now it's debatable whether this is even considered a training method, because you get such low mining experience per hour. But there's no doubt that this is the best way to make gold with the mining skill. Participating in the volcano skilling boss can earn you up to 1.3 million gold per hour, which is pretty good. To participate in this, you need 74 mining and the completion of the Song of the Elves quest, making it a pretty high-level method. You're not going to get a ton of experience per hour, only about 15k per hour mining experience, which means the levels are going to be incredibly slow, but you are going to be making a ton of gold along the way.



Now, surprisingly, smithing has quite a few ways to make gold with this skill. The best way to make gold with smithing is by smelting rune bars at the blast furnace. If you're doing this somewhat efficiently, you can get over a mill per hour around 1.2 mil per hour to be precise and over 100k per hour smithing experience, making it a really good method for both gold and experience. It does have a high smithing requirement of 85 plus. You definitely will need access to the coal bag as well, which adds another dozen hours or so to your prerequisites, but if you're looking to get a very profitable and somewhat quick, 99 99 smithing through night bars, will give you a ton of gold to work with.



Unfortunately, the fishing skill in 2023 still doesn't really make you any gold. Fishing sacred eels is the most profitable option in fishing, but you can't start doing this until 87 fishing and after you've completed the regicide quest. The reason that it is moderately profitable is because you actually get zora scales from the fish that you catch. Thanks to that, you can get about 300k per hour from this method. That said, for a training method, it is pretty slow, you're only going to get about 20k fishing experience per hour, but it's super chill super afk and definitely the best option for making gold with fishing.



Cooking crumb ones is the quickest cooking training method and the most profitable cooking method. If you learn how to win tit, caron blondes, you can get about 500k per hour in profit, while getting a whopping 800k per hour or even more in some cases, cooking experience. It's a really crazy method and the only downside is it is super click intensive. But if you're willing to put in the work, it is definitely the best option for cooking.



The best option for making gold with firemaking is burning shade remains. It earns you about 500k per hour in profit, but it also gets you well over 200k per hour firemaking experience. It is primarily a fire making training method after all, so it's actually pretty competitive like. The downside is that it is very click-intensive compared to winter toads and the gold per hour isn't really that good to justify all the extra effort, but it is definitely the best option if you want to make gold with firemaking.



The most profitable woodcutting method is chopping teak logs at level 35 woodcutting. You only get about 200k per hour gp in profit, while getting about 90k per hour woodcutting experience, so it's a pretty good training method. Now, as far as locations, you would do this then two options, I'd recommend you could either do it in proof din, is which gives you a low chance of getting a crystal shard, which gives you just more Gold per hour or you can do it on fossil island in the farmable hardwood patch because it's very close to a bank and it will reduce your banking times, but the reality is if you want to make gold with woodcutting, you should probably just do a different skill.


In summary, if you want to make gold in Old School Runescape, it's best to focus on skills like fire-making and farming, which have several profitable methods available. While woodcutting may not be the best option for making gold, it can still be a great way to train your woodcutting skill. Remember that the key to making gold in the game is to put in the work and stay up to date on the most profitable methods for each skill.

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