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ESO Necromancer Powerful and Flexible Solo Build

Are you looking for a powerful and flexible solo build that can handle any content Elder Scrolls Online has to offer? Look no further than the Stamina Necromancer, a class that combines healing, tackiness, and tons of AOE damage. With the right gear, stats, and skills, you can make your Necromancer unstoppable.



ESO Necromancer Powerful and Flexible Solo Build


Stats and gear

Your character should have 64 points in Stamina, 13,000 Magicka, 23,000 Health, and 30,000 Stamina. The recovery stats should be at least 2000 Stamina and 800 Magicka, and you should aim for 53 Weapon Critical and 5300 Weapon Damage. For races, Orc is a great balance option since it has Max Stamina and Health, plus the Swift Warrior bonus. As for food, the Lava Foot Soup is great for Stamina and Stamina Recovery.


Gear sets

you should start with Deadly Strike for your front bar and Venomous Smite for your back bar. The Deadly Strike 5-piece bonus gives you 15% extra damage over time and channeled abilities, and the Venomous Smite 5-piece bonus gives you an AOE poison damage proc that triggers when you do critical damage. For your monster set, Ice Heart is great for survivability and it will give you an automatic shield every 6 seconds. For your body pieces, you can run Trainee for the chest and Divines for the rest.



start with Deadly Cloak from the Dual Wield skill line. This gives you 20% reduced damage from AOE attacks and it lasts 20 seconds, making you feel very tanky. Blighted Blast Bones from the Grave Lord skill line is your bread and butter damage skill and it has huge AOE damage spikes. The other damaging skill is Detonating Siphon, which is a damage over time effect that is buffed by Deadly Strike.


Slotted skills

On the front bar, we're running Blast Bones, Mystic Siphon (or its morph, Mystic Orb), Ruinous Scythe, and Deadly Cloak. On the back bar, we're running Stampede, Carve, Unnerving Boneyard, Beckoning Armor, and Spirit Guardian. Finally, for our ultimates, we can either run the Necromancer ultimate Pestilent Colossus or Dawnbreaker of Smiting from the Fighters Guild. 



On the back bar, we'll want to make sure our potion is active and then start with our dots, Stampede, Carve, and Unnerving Boneyard, followed by our two buffs. Then, on the front bar, we'll use Blast Bones, then Mystic Siphon or Mystic Orb, then Ruinous Scythe or Deadly Cloak and Trap, and, if needed, the Ultimate. We'll want to make sure to use Blast Bones before bar swapping back to the back bar.


Champion Points

In the Green tree, we're going with Steed's Blessing for the Movement Speed, Treasure Hunter for Resource Management, Rationer for more Magicka, and Liquid Efficiency for more Magicka. In the Blue tree, we're going with Fighting Finesse for more Critical Damage, Thaumaturge for more Damage over Time, and Exploiter for more Damage done to Off-Balance enemies. For the Red tree, we're going with Bastion for more Health, Fortified for more Armor, Rejuvenation for more Recovery, and Bloody Renewal for more Stamina sustain. 


Finally, for the outfit style, we're combining Scale Collar from Heavy Armor with Silken Ring from the Cradle of Shadows dungeon. That's it for our Stamina Necromancer solo build guide! If you'd like to see all the options and alternative gear sets, make sure to head over to Hack The Minotaur for the full written guide.

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