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Fast Ways to Make Final Fantasy XIV Gil Per Minute

In Final Fantasy XIV, making GIL can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can earn significant amounts with minimal time investment. This guide will compare the time investment versus GIL return for different battle classes and recommend the most efficient ways to make FFXIV GIL in the game.



Fast Ways to Make Final Fantasy XIV Gil Per Minute


Dungeons - 3K GIL per minute

To start, participate in the expert roulette to spirit bond a full set of gear and generate 11 random materials. Greet and need on every piece of gear to earn two pieces per run. Trade grand company seals for items like peacock ore to sell on the market board. On average, you can earn 256,000 GIL in a single run, which is equivalent to 3,000 GIL per minute.


Eureka - 3K per minute

Pyrus is considered the most profitable zone for Eureka. You'll need to reach elemental level 35 by defeating elemental conflicts in previous Eureka areas to access it. Buddy farming involves defeating elemental conflicts, which grant a bunny rabbit that leads you to a treasure chest. You can find bronze, silver, or gold chests containing 10,000, 25,000, or 100,000 GIL, respectively. On average, five silver and two bronze chests earn 185,000 GIL per hour or 3.1 k per minute.


Treasure Maps - 3.8K per minute

Level 90 cumber-stone maps open the level 90 excitation 3000 dungeons. Buy maps on the market board and team up with three or more players to earn 10,000 GIL and 30 astronomy tomes per run. Additionally, crafting items brought with the astronomy tomes can earn you 55,000 GIL. On average, you can earn 232,000 GIL per run or 3.8 k per minute.


Grand Company Supplies - 5.5K per minute

Solo the Fist of the Father raid at level 90 and trade the gear tokens with NPC Sabina for Gordian gear. Hand over 18 pieces of gear to your grand company for 19,674 seals, and then convert them into an item like peacock ore. On average, you can earn 44,000 GIL per run, or 5.5 k per minute.


Extreme Trial Spam - 7.8K per minute

With a crafting class at level 30, use decent assistance to break down items into crafting materials. On average, three demi materials in 20 runs net 69,000 GIL. Other items sold bring you to 78,000 GIL. This takes around 10 minutes, earning you 7.8 k per minute.


Hunts - 11.5 k per minute

Rank hunt trains involve killing rank enemies in the open world with a large group of people. A hunt train of 16 kills takes about 25 minutes and rewards 640 sacks of nuts, 480 poetics, 320 astronomy tomes, and 160 causality tomes. On average, you'll earn 8-10 materials, 10 clusters, and a similar amount of material in 9 clusters. You can trade these for material types of your choice. On average, you can earn 289,000 GIL per run or 11.5 k per minute.


Faux Hollows - 12k per minute

Weekly mini-games like Faux Hollows can earn faux leaves that can be exchanged for valuable items like mounts and minions. On average, 55 faux leaves per week will take 11 weeks to reach the 600 leaves needed for a mount that can sell for 8 million GIL. This earns 12k per minute.


In summary, there are many options for making GIL in FF14, and the best one for you will depend on your time investment and GIL return goals. Eureka and treasure maps offer some great GIL returns but are hampered by RNG. Grand Company supplies, extreme trial spam, and hunts have low RNG and are highly repeatable, making them great for consistent GIL returns. Lastly, Faux Hollows is a great option for those looking for a bigger GIL injection from big-ticket items.

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