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PoE 3.21 Melee BoneShatter Slayer Crucible Starter Build

If you're looking for a melee mapping Poe builds that's both fast and efficient, the BoneShatter Slayer build is definitely worth considering. This build is centered around the use of BoneShatter, which releases a damaging pulse when you stun enemies, increasing the damage for each stack of Trauma. The Slayer ascendancy is chosen over Leech to allow for the use of Berserk for burst damage against bosses while still maintaining enough tackiness to survive.





PoE 3.21 Melee BoneShatter Slayer Crucible Starter Build





To take advantage of the Onslaught on Kill and the Rage Generation mastery, two-handed axes are used to clear maps quickly. Later, maces are used for better stuns and more damage after acquiring the Onslaught on Kill boot mod. The build is leveled using Splitting Steel until transitioning to Spectral Helix at level 12, which is the best leveling ability in the game. The goal is to rush for Tribal Fury to increase the AoE and Strike Range, getting Impact from the Normal Lab for additional Strike Range and Accuracy.



For endgame gear, focus on life, physical mitigation, and damage. Brutal Fervor is used to increase damage, and Bane of Legends and Headsman are used to increase single-target damage. A Berserker with Cast When Damage Taken setup, Warlord's Mark to trigger Berserk, and Ancestral Protector Totem are used to increase damage output. Herald of Ash, Grace, and Fortify are used to increase survivability.


Aim for axes with flat phys, attack speed, and fizz reforges. A rare glove with damage while leeching and a rare amulet with damage while leeching is also used. The helmet is a Chloromancer with suppression, res, and life, while the body armor is an Eldritch Influence with suppression, res, and life. The boots should be rare with suppression, res, and life, and an Onslaught on Kill craft. The ring and belt should be rares with life, res, and attack speed. Flasks are important for this build, with a Jade of Evasion Rating being the most important. The other flasks are quicksilver, a jade, an increased charge recovery, and an Impale on Hit Watcher's Eye.


Link Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, and an Endurance Charge on Melee Stun for mobility. Use War Chief Totem with Maim, Protector, and multiple totem support as your totem. Use life, res, and attack speed jewels, and use Determination, Pride, Precision, and Arrogance in the helmet. For the body armor, use Kinetic Impacts and Precise Techniques.


Skill Tree

The Slayer's skill tree is utilized to maximize damage and survivability with a focus on maximizing accuracy, life regeneration, and damage while leeching. You will also use Instinct to make capping suppression much easier. Aim for evasion on your gear, and try to get tier 1 suppression on your pieces with as much accuracy, life, and resistance as possible.


The Writhing Jar is a great pickup for this build, as it provides 10% increased damage and 10% attack speed when you kill a rare or unique enemy. It also doubles as an instant life flask for 600 life. Get a Watcher's Eye for the plus 8% chance to evade, and if possible, corrupt your Grace to be of all grace for capped evasion rating against bosses. The flasks should remain the same as before, with evasion rating, armor, attack speed, reduce effective curses on you with the charge recovery and use on full.


Skill gems

In terms of skill gems, Awakened Melee Fizz and Berserk should be your top priorities. Blood Rage is also important, as it increases your attack speed and damage. Faster Attack and Leap Slam should be included to increase your mobility and ensure that you can reach your enemies quickly. Anomalous gems can provide additional damage, armor, and skill effect duration, which can significantly enhance your build. For instance, Anomalous Blood Rage can give you frenzy charges on bosses, which can help you deal massive damage to them.



Your rings should focus on accuracy and double res. If you get good suffixes, you can lock them and craft chaos res, life, and mana regen. Your Stygian should be crafted for life and chaos res, while your belt should have a charge on crit and life, chaos res. These will provide you with the necessary defenses to survive in the game, while also ensuring that you deal significant damage to your enemies.


In summary, crafting a powerful Pile Driver build in PoE requires careful consideration of your weapon, rings, Stygian, and belt. You should aim to maximize your damage output while also ensuring that you have the necessary defenses to survive in the game. With the right skill gems, you can create a build that is both powerful and versatile, allowing you to take on any challenge that comes your way.

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