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PoE 3.21 Tank Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator Crucible Starter Build

Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator is a powerful budget friendly build that can clear most content in the game with great speed and tankiness. Utilizing the new unique shield buff in patch 3.21, it gives you 75 block chance and 100 spell suppression, allowing you to tank most hits with ease. With great clear, low budget bleed explosions and great tankiness, this build is a great choice for a league starter Build.



PoE 3.21 Tank Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator Crucible Starter Build





  • - Great clear speed with low budget bleed explosions
  • - Extremely tanky with 75 block chance and 100 spell suppression
  • - Solo self found friendly with no uniques required
  • - Efficiency, node removal and fortify with Live Tap



  • - Cap scaling with offhand damage and bleed
  • - Lower single target DPS compared to other builds



  • - Easier to achieve fortify with shield charge scaling
  • - Flesh and Stone now takes 15% less damage from far units
  • - Diresso's Courage buff to give 100 spell block if you've blocked recently
  • - Fixed bug with maximum physical damage taken value for enemies with pride aura for 4 seconds not affected by aura effect


Endless Heist

Spectral Shield Throw excels at Endless Heist due to its good mobility, clear and tankiness. It also has low single target DPS, allowing you to quickly and safely clear heists.


Brute Force

Brute Force has a lot of potential in 3.21 due to the high value of some unique items. You also have a good chance of getting the shield you need for your build.


Expedition Logbook Farming

Spectral Shield Throw also excels at Expedition farming Currency due to its bleed explosions, range and tankiness. It can easily handle most mods, with the exception of Reflect Physical Damage.



  • Helmet: Alder Helmet with Nearby Enemies Take Increased Chris Fizz Damage 
  • Chest: Lion Eyes Chest with Damage Over Time Multiplier
  • Gloves: Apothecary Gloves with high life and resistance
  • Boots: Exarch Eater Boots with Action Speed, Chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments and Onslaught 
  • Rings: Warlord Ring with Vulnerability and Steel Ring with Fizz Damage to Attacks and high life and resistance 
  • Amulet: Eternal Struggle with 16 Fizz Damage Over Time Multiplier, Strength and Intelligence, with Physical Catalyst to max out Fizz Damage Over Time Multiplier 
  • Shield: Jaws with Fizz Damage Over Time Multiply, Max Life, Resistance and Attack Speed Damage While Holding the Shield 



Early: Any high armour shield

Mid: Diresso's Courage

End: Colossal Tower Shield with Recover % of Life when you Block



Early: Prismatic Eclipse

Mid/End: Rare weapon with % Chance to cause Bleeding and increased Damage with Bleeding


Skrill Tree

The tree has changed slightly for 3.21 with the addition of Stream of Consciousness next to Expedition nodes. This makes it very convenient to get the Expedition nodes early on. The tree also includes Map Sustain nodes, Content Blocking nodes and all of the Expedition nodes, totaling 64 points.



Spectral Shield Throw- Brutality, Vicious Projectiles, Swift Affliction, Life Leech and Swift Affliction (In order of importance for 6-link)

Shield Charge- Faster Attacks, Life Tap and Fortify 

Auras- Flesh and Stone, Pride, War Banner, Herald of Purity 

Corrupting Fever- Corrupting Fever, Efficacy, Brutality and Swift Affliction 


Bandits: Kill All 


This build offers high DPS, great survivability, and a low cost gear setup. With the Eternal Struggle Amulet, we gain 100% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments, as well as additional damage, strength and intelligence. The Warlord Ring also provides vulnerability and the Jaws Shield gives Fizz Damage Over Time Multiplier, max life, resistance and attack speed damage while holding the shield. With the gem setup, we are able to maximize our DPS with Spectral Shield Throw and Shield Charge. We also use Auras such as Flesh and Stone, Pride, War Banner and Herald of Purity to further enhance our damage and survivability. Lastly, we use Corrupting Fever with Efficacy, Brutality and Swift Affliction to maximize our DPS. With this build, you will be able to tackle all content with ease.

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