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How to Obtain Most Valuable Final Fantasy XIV Items?

Final Fantasy 14 is an MMORPG game that has gained immense popularity over the years. The game offers a wide variety of FFXIV items, some of which can cost a fortune. For the average player, obtaining these items may seem impossible, but with effort and determination, it is possible to acquire them. In this article, loltank will take a closer look at the ten most valuable items in Final Fantasy 14.



Basia Eureka Weapon Box

The Basia Eureka Weapon Box is an item that costs around 17 million GIL. It is obtained by completing the Basia Eureka quest line and participating in a 48-person raid. This item is exceptionally rare and is mostly a status symbol for completionists.


Red Onion Helm

The Red Onion Helm is an item that originally dropped from Orem Vale during Final Fantasy 14 1.0. It has since been re-released a few times but is no longer available in any form, making it exceptionally rare. Owning one of these can cost around 18 million Gil.


Pinky Mount

How to Obtain Most Valuable Final Fantasy XIV Items?

The Pinky Mount is a relatively new item that can only be earned by popping a Taimorn Kamira Skin Map and making your way through the Excitation 6000. Although the maps are quite cheap, the time and effort required to obtain this mount keep most players from attempting to grind it out.


Golden Beaver Minion

The Golden Beaver Minion is a rare reward from the Shifting Ubliets of that Not Going to Say. It is only available if you finish a Time Worn Zonar Skin Map and have it open to the correct portal. You then have to deal with a roulette wheel and not just choose the correct doors, making it very rare. This minion can cost around 5-10 thousand FFXIV Gil.


Eastern Cherry Tree

The Eastern Cherry Tree was a reward from Little Ladies' Day back in 2015 and was 100% tradable. However, with housing demolition and people quitting the game, the supply of marketable cherry trees has dwindled, driving the price up over time. An untradable authentic Eastern Cherry Tree costs around 27 million Gil.


Fallen Angel Wings

Fallen Angel Wings are only available as a reward for completing 60 Shared Fates in each zone from either Endwalker or Shadowbringers. To obtain these wings, you must unlock the vendor in Rad Zahan or the Crystarium, buy Bi-Color Gemstone Vouchers for 100 gemstones each, and complete 3500 fates to get 500 vouchers, which is enough to buy the wings.


Wyvern Mount

The Wyvern Mount also costs 50,000 Bi-Color Gemstones, which requires the completion of 7000 fates.


Valentine's Day 2015 Reward

This item has never been brought back to Mog Station, making it exceptionally rare. It currently costs around 50 million Gil on average.


Starlight Barding

The Starlight Barding was released in 2013 and has never been brought back. It usually costs around 50 million Gil.


Paramour Barding

The Paramour Barding was released in 2015 and has also never been brought back. It can cost around 50 million Gil.


In conclusion, these ten items are the most valuable items in Final Fantasy 14. Although they may seem impossible to obtain, with effort and perseverance, it is possible to add them to your collection. Remember, good things come to those who work for it. Best of luck on your journey to obtaining these rare and valuable items.

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