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Farm Diablo 4 Gold Fast in Anica's Claims Dungeon

Welcome to a quick guide on how to farm gold in Diablo 4. This guide is specifically designed to help you maximize your gold earnings during early gameplay and can also be used to farm gold in higher world tiers or Nightmare Dungeons. Here are the steps you need to Faming Gold  in Anica's Claims Dungeon follow.



Farm Diablo 4 Gold Fast in Anica


Step 1: Capture Malnut Stronghold

Head east of Kyovashad and capture Malnut Stronghold, which is located just south of the Bear Village waypoint. Once you conquer the stronghold, you'll gain access to the Anica's Claims Dungeon, which is the primary location for gold farming.


Step 2: Clear Anica's Claims Dungeon Quickly

The next step is to rush through Anica's Claims Dungeon, clearing it as quickly as possible. Although the dungeon is relatively small, it contains many elites, so be prepared for a challenge. By defeating these elites, you can gain valuable loot that can be sold for Diablo IV gold.


Step 3: Reset the Dungeon and Sell Your Loot

Once you've cleared the dungeon, press the quest menu (L) and reset the dungeon. This will also exit the dungeon. Now, you can either sell all the items you collected directly to the NPC just south of the cave entrance or teleport back to town when your Adventure is full and sell the items there. By selling these items, you can earn a significant amount of gold.


By following these simple steps, you'll be able to farm gold quickly and efficiently in Diablo 4. Keep in mind that you can repeat this process as many times as you like, as long as you have the necessary resources to do so. Good luck, and happy gold farming!

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