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Poe StormSeeker Ambush Mitts Gloves Build Guides

The StormSeeker gloves are a unique energy shield/mana hybrid item in Path of Exile that was introduced in the Crucible League. These gloves offer a range of bonuses, including increased Energy Shield and Mana, as well as the ability to leech both of these resources. The gloves also interact with Chill and Shock ailments, with Chill slowing down enemy action speed and Shock increasing the damage they take.


Poe StormSeeker Ambush Mitts Gloves Build Guides


If you're looking to make use of the Storm Seeker gloves in your Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible builds, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you'll need to focus on attack builds that can trigger the leeching of mana. Direct attack damage builds, such as those that use wands or bows, are a good option. Additionally, skills that trigger a spell payload upon a successful attack, such as Cast on Critical Strike, can also work well with StormSeeker.


One of the key benefits of StormSeeker is its ability to increase the effectiveness of shocks that you inflict while leeching energy shields. This can be particularly useful when paired with the unique Call of the Void item, which causes enemies that are chilled by your hits to take half of the chill effect as damage. The increased effectiveness of chills that StormSeeker provides is also helpful for builds that don't have access to cold damage.


When it comes to specific builds, wand or bow attack builds that use Aurabot support can benefit greatly from StormSeeker. This is because these builds can make use of the increased damage from chills and shocks, while also having their Aurabot turn off their Clarity aura to ensure they remain on low mana and gain the benefits of the leech.


Another option is to use StormSeeker in conjunction with the unique weapon Mjolnir, which pairs well with skills such as Mana Bond. This setup can allow you to take advantage of the leeching bonuses provided by StormSeeker while also using the powerful abilities of Mjolnir.


One of the most obvious builds that can make use of the StormSeeker gloves is a lightning-based build, such as a Call of the Brotherhood conversion build. With the increased effect of Chill and Shock, as well as the leeching bonuses to both Energy Shield and Mana, this build can deal significant damage and stay alive in battle. If you're using the Ivory Tower, the leeching bonuses will help to convert some of the damage going to your Energy Shield into Mana, making it easier to stay alive.


Another build that can benefit from the StormSeeker gloves is an Elementalist build. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of both Chill and Shock beyond their normal cap, making it easier to take down enemies. Additionally, the gloves' defensive bonuses can help to make this build more survivable. Finally, the leeching bonuses will ensure that you always have enough Energy Shield and Mana to stay alive and keep casting spells.


The StormSeeker gloves can also be used in a Mind Over Matter build. This helps to increase the defensive layer of the build, as the leeching bonuses ensure that you always have enough Energy Shield and Mana to keep casting spells. This build can be particularly effective in high-level play, where survivability is key.


Overall, the StormSeeker gloves have the potential to be used in a variety of different builds. While they may not be the strongest item right out of the gate, they have the potential to become much stronger if someone discovers a really interesting synergy with another item or skill. If you're looking for something new and different to try, the StormSeeker gloves might be just the item for you.

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