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Path of Exile Righteous Fire Build Guides in 3.21 Patch

Righteous Fire is a powerful spell in Path of Exile that applies a buff to the player, causing them to rapidly burn and deal damage to nearby enemies. The amount of damage dealt by this spell scales with the player's Life and Energy Shield amounts, making it a great option for high-health builds. In addition to dealing damage, Righteous Fire also grants a significant increase to spell damage while active, making it a versatile tool for players who want to maximize their damage output. With the Poe 3.21 patch notes recent changes, it's essential to understand the new Masteries and how they affect your poe 3.21 builds. Let's dive deeper into the changes and discuss what you need to know.

Path of Exile Righteous Fire Build Guides in 3.21 Patch


New Map Mods

The new map mods include mobs that deal a percentage of physical damage as chaos. It's essential to adjust your build accordingly and prepare for these changes. Additionally, the Maven Invitation item quantity passives no longer provide an increased quantity of items found in the Maven's Crucible. Instead, each map now has an 8% chance to drop a Maven's Invitation. This change will affect farming strategies, so it's important to keep this in mind.


Recovery Mastery

The new Recovery Mastery replaces the Life Mastery in the Vampirism, Infused Flesh, and Hardy passive clusters. This is important for the Righteous Fire build as Hardy is one of the key passives. The Recovery Mastery helps increase recovery from life and energy shield, which is essential for sustaining the Righteous Fire build.


Armor ES Mastery

The new Armor ES Mastery grants 10% of Armor to also apply to Chaos Damage taken from hits. This is excellent for the Juggernaut build as Chaos damage is dangerous. With this new Mastery, you can reduce your vulnerability to this damage type, making your build more sustainable.


Fire Mastery

The Fire Mastery section was significantly impacted, with the 20% Fire Multi and 30% Fire Res. removed. However, Fire Exposure you inflict still applies -18% Fire Res., and there is a new mastery that grants a 3% chance for enemies to explode when killed, dealing an amount of damage equal to 10% of the enemy's life. This could be very strong in certain scenarios. It's essential to adjust your build accordingly and explore new strategies that incorporate these changes.


Life Mastery

The Life Mastery section was also changed, with a new 10% More Maximum Life if you have at least 6 Life Masteries allocated. This could be great if you can fit it into your build, and also grants 15% Increased Maximum Life if there are no Life modifiers on your equipped body armor. With these changes, you can increase your life pool and make your build more durable.


Determination Mastery

The Determination Mastery for Reservation was removed, but they added an additional 12 Mana Reservation of Efficiency on Mana Nodes. To get a Mono Mastery, you can go to the Mono Mastery located at Arcane Capacitor, or you can take Deep Thoughts, which gives 20 Intelligence and helps with Mana. These changes will affect your reservation strategies, so it's important to adjust accordingly.


Mark and Protection Mastery

The Mark Mastery grants that marked enemies cannot regenerate life and cannot deal critical hits. This is great for defensive players and helps prevent one-shots. The Protection Mastery includes a new mastery that grants that your Elemental Resistance cannot be lowered by curses, which is great for newer players.


Fire Resistance

Your maximum fire resistance should be as high as possible for optimal performance with Righteous Fire. This can be accomplished through the use of Ruby Flasks, gems, and other modifiers. Additionally, the Recovery Mastery node in the Templar tree can be used to increase your fire resistance. This node grants a 3% chance to recover all life when you kill an enemy, as well as faster recoup effects over three seconds. 


Recovery Mastery also grants a 50% reduced life regeneration rate to nearby enemies. This can be invaluable in the later stages of the game, where life recovery from regeneration is not as effective. 



A few new gems are coming out with the new POE expansion that can greatly improve your Righteous Fire build. These include the Prismatic Burst Support gem, which triggers prismatic burst attacks. This is a great replacement for Onslaught Support, which is being removed from the game. Another great gem for casters is the Arcane Surge Support gem. It grants cast speed, which is essential for early-game builds. 


Additionally, the Faster Attacks Support gem now has a level requirement of 8, making it available in Act 1. This will make many attacks builds feel much smoother in the early stages. 


Vendor Recipes

The vendor recipe that granted flat elemental damage to spells no longer exists. This means that leveling as a caster or Marauder will take much longer. Fortunately, some changes to the game make leveling smoother. The Arcane Surge gem grants cast speed, which can make it easier to level quickly


Nerfs and Buffs

Molten Shell has been cut in half, meaning it can only block up to 5,000 damage. This will be felt most in Maven Memory, tanking Awakener meteors, and Zoff's Heart. The Devotion notable no longer provides 5% increased effectiveness of non-curse auras, but it now provides 25% increased effective Consecrated Ground. The Inquisitor ascendancy also got a slight buff. 



Righteous Fire is a powerful build-in POE that can be optimized for maximum efficiency. The 3.21 patch made some significant changes to the Righteous Fire build, and it's essential to adjust your build accordingly. Make sure to test out all of these changes and explore new strategies to see how they work for your build. Remember to have fun and enjoy the new changes. This guide discussed how to maximize your fire resistance and recovery, as well as the masteries and gems that can be used to power up your build. By taking advantage of the new gems, vendor recipes, and masteries, you can make your Righteous Fire build even more powerful.

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