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PoE 3.21 Bow Builds Received Significant Buff Guides

Bow Builds have always been popular in Path of Exile, but with the recent POE patch 3.21 notes, they've received a significant buff. In this guide, Triston Will take a look at some of the changes and improvements, and discuss how you can take advantage of them.

PoE 3.21 Bow Builds Received Significant Buff Guides

Master Fletcher and Multi-Shot

The first major change is the addition of two new nodes on the passive tree: Master Fletcher and Multi-Shot. Master Fletcher grants additional arrows to your bow attacks, making it easier to hit multiple targets with a single shot. This is especially useful for skills like Tornado Shot, Lightning Arrow, and Ice Shot. Multi-Shot, on the other hand, applies to all bow attacks, making it a valuable addition to any build.


Greater Multiple Projectiles

With the addition of Master Fletcher, Greater Multiple Projectiles (GMP) is no longer necessary for many bow builds. While GMP is still useful for clearing packs of enemies, it can be overkill for single-target damage. This means you can free up a support gem slot and use a six-link aura setup instead. This is particularly beneficial for poison builds, as they don't lose as much damage when they don't use GMP.


Ball Skills

Another significant change is the buff to Ball Skills. These skills have always been a bit lackluster, but with the new patch, they've received a significant boost in single-target damage. This makes them more viable against bosses and gives them more of an all-rounder feel. If you haven't tried out Ball Skills before, now is the perfect time to give them a shot.


Thread of Hope Keystone

This node provides a significant boost to damage, increased attack speed, and even some movement speed. Additionally, it gives access to the Perfectionist node, which increases your chance to avoid stuns. This makes it an incredibly valuable node for most bow builds.


In conclusion, the recent changes to bow builds in Path of Exile have made them significantly more powerful and fun to play. With the addition of Master Fletcher and Multi-Shot, the buff to Ball Skills, and the Thread of Hope Keystone, there are now more options than ever before for creating a powerful bow build. So grab your bow, head out into the wilds, and start taking down your enemies with deadly precision!

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