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Path of Exile Passive Tree Changes in the 3.21 Patch Affect Build Guides

In the recent 3.21 patch of Exile the popular online action role-playing game, changes were made to the passive tree with the introduction of the mastery system. This system aims to make the passive tree more relevant and less reliant on cluster jewels, while also making it easier for players to gain access to more passive points. In this article, we will delve deeper into some of the most significant changes made to the mastery system and how they can affect your Poe 3.21 builds.

Path of Exile Passive Tree Changes in the 3.21 Patch Affect Build Guides

The Accuracy Mastery

One of the most notable changes in the mastery system is accuracy mastery, which grants a significant boost to accuracy. This mastery is particularly useful for players who do not have 300 dexterity and need more accuracy to land hits. Additionally, with the removal of the precision reservation mastery, accuracy mastery is an excellent alternative for those who cannot afford to use a passive point on precision.


The Armor and Chaos Damage Mastery

The armor and chaos damage mastery provides a new layer of defense against chaos damage. With this mastery, 10% of armor also applies to the chaos damage taken from hits, making it an effective form of unbreakable defense against chaos damage. This mastery is especially useful for builds that take advantage of chaos resistance.


The Adrenaline Mastery

The adrenaline mastery allows players to gain adrenaline for one second when they change stance. While this can be a powerful effect, it can be difficult to automate without violating the game's terms of service. Thus, it might not be the best option for those looking for a more sustainable way of gaining adrenaline.


The Chest Mastery

The chest mastery grants players a 25% chance to open nearby chests when they cast a spell. While this might not be the most useful mastery, it can still be helpful when running maps with a lot of chests.


The Leech Masteries

The leech masteries have been buffed, providing a 10% increase in leech for the mastery itself and 10% of leech per equipped claw. However, players should note that there is a 20% maximum leech per second limit and a 10% maximum per leech instance, which means that even with a 10% instant leech from the mastery, players can only leech back 1% of their life on any given hit.


The Dagger Mastery

The dagger mastery provides players with a 50% increase in projectile speed while wielding a dagger. This can be particularly useful for dagger-based builds, such as those that take advantage of the Shaper's Touch passive.


The Instacking Masteries

The instacking masteries have also been buffed, providing players with a one percent increase in evasion per five intelligence. This is an excellent boost for defensive instackers and can help players get even more evasion from the Shaper's Touch passive.


The Tabby Mastery

The tabby mastery has been buffed to grant players a 15% increase in maximum life if there are no life modifiers on their equipped body armor. While this is great for leveling, it can also be helpful for end-game builds, such as those running a Tabula Rasa.


The Poison Mastery

The poison mastery has been revamped to make enemies poisoned by players unable to deal critical strikes. This is an excellent addition for poison-based builds as it can provide more defense without needing an inefficient claw cluster.


The Low Life and Full Life Masteries

The low-life and full-life masteries now grant different bonuses depending on whether players are below or above 55% and 90% of their maximum life, respectively. These masteries are particularly useful for low-life builds, as they provide more defense and damage reduction.


Overall, the mastery changes in 3.21 have made the passive tree much more interesting and helpful for a variety of Poe builds. While some of these changes might not be as powerful as others, they can still be helpful in certain situations.

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